They just notified members that they will close at the end of September. :(

I have been riding in all summer, and while traffic picked up some it is no where close to what it was pre-pandemic. At most 10% of the lockers appear to be in use, and there used to be a waiting list to get a locker.

It's hard to accept that there may no longer be enough of a bike to work culture to support services such as this.

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Years ago I would  use the facility on a daily rate basis. On  days when I needed a shower I would pay the fee. I did not park my bike there. I once used it during the jazz fest when  my wife and I rode there, showered, changed into more  festive clothing, rode to Greek Town for dinner and  then  back to Grant Park. We took Metra back north and just  rode a short way home. The need for a subscription  was a turn off for  me as I was a part time  user. I still commute but I shower before I leave  home and  I towel off on  arrival. It is acceptable but not as good as using  what used to be called the bike station.

I do not know if that  impacted other  riders who were not daily commuters. Either way, it is sad that the facility will be closing. I wonder  if there was a different model that may have kept it open but the pandemic botched a  lot of  business's plans. 


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