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The chain on the pink machine is so rusty... This is a-new-chain by "new chain" standards. Got it from LBS back in December as I was putting this build together. SRAM single speed chain to be exact.

I've only cleaned it once before - a couple of weeks ago. Took chain off and submitted it to a sonic cleaner bath. Was so nice and warm and clean - then I lubed it... and just this week, back at it again.

The puddles on the Dearborn bike lane and the Lake Shore Trail have punishment in the form of salty brine puddles.

The chain is ok though. It doesn't sound like it is grinding yet. It will get another dose of TLC tomorrow night after the 22 mile commute home. I will also clean out the ENO hub, cog, chainring, drivetrain. It will be ready for another week of highly recommended bicycle commute punishment. 

Show us your rusty chains. 

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My chain isn't rusty (ok, maybe a touch) but my bike is SO dirty. I cannot wait to tune up/get it cleaned in about a month. 

Then show us... let’s see that dirty bike.

So dirty! Do you guys get the same amount of muck on the roads as Chicago?

Depends but overall, I think it's cleaner here than Chicago.

Not a chain, but a bottom bracket overhaul a couple of seasons ago:

More grime...

So much grime!

About 60 years worth!

That grime is almost a collectors item! 

The bike it was on certainly is.

The old debate: Is a serious cyclist's bike clean or dirty?

There is no still  picture of this but there is a movie. That movie shows the chain getting dirty, getting clean, getting dirty,  getting clean,  rinse, wash,  repeat.


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