Not far, just around the block.  Slippery where it wasn't shoveled well.

I just wanted to be first to start this discussion.

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10759 outdoor miles. 

Wow!  That’s so impressive. Well done, sir. Well done. 

Decembered with a mere 264 miles and NO Perimeter Rides, I ended 2020 with 9,252 miles Y-T-D (8,212 road miles + 1,040 hamster.) Surpassed Curt(is)2019 by 550 miles and highest mileage total since Curt(is)2017 hit 11,187.

Also finished with 71 Perimeter Rides, which surprisingly was only my third highest total -- 83 again by Curt(is)2017 being my personal best.  With my last PR performed on 11/20, I certainly could have added a few more to the totals. However, my motivation is waning. I need to recharge.

8071 outdoor miles in 2020. 

2636 miles in 2020.  More rides of shorter distance. Slightly increased over recent years and about half of what I was riding 20 years ago when  I was a bit more  obsessive.

I have not been out yet in 2021 but did spend 45 glorious minutes on a spin  bike in  my basement yesterday watching a bike cam video from a guy riding  through  Amsterdam on a rainy day. Every time a pedestrian came near him or he approached a cross walk I started coasting but then  I added a ton of resistance and stood up as I was climbing while he was riding on a flat bike lane.

2337.2 on my bike + 94.4 on divvy = 2431.6 total (100% outside) = 92% of last year, not too bad since where we could ride to was so limited. :-/

at the front of the pack in 2020, based on what's been posted so far, "+" = more than last year, "++" = personal best:

10759 100% outside MagMileMarauder January 1
9635 89% outside Sean December 31 ++
9252 89% outside curt(is) locke January 1 +
8366 Brett Miller December 31 ++
8071 100% outside Patricia Unsinn January 1 +
5128 TonyP September 30

2 personal bests! congrats to all of us, and here's to a riding and staying healthy in 2021!


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