Not far, just around the block.  Slippery where it wasn't shoveled well.

I just wanted to be first to start this discussion.

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a few weekends ago our server kept offering to refill our water glasses, and i accepted maybe a half dozen times -- and i didn't poop out on the way back! i'm a convert to hydration.

and i have a nagging feeling that i've learned this lesson before. :-/

Water is pretty much the Staff of Life.

6022.4 miles cycled in 2020 after 669.6 miles, all outdoor, for August.

324 consecutive days cycled in 2019-2020.

1072.86 for Aug, my best month in over 5 years.

4317.80 for the year.

Tony, to what do you attribute your big August?  Fitness level, freedom from injury, your bike, available time to do it (thanks to Covid or otherwise) special vacation, special long trip planning, or ____ ?  Meanwhile, congrats!

First, I'm retired.

Second, I aimed for 1000 as my previous recorded was 9 something.

I tried to maintain a 40 mile minimum and almost succeeded as only 6 rides were less than 40 and only 1 less than 35.

And only 5 days off the bike3.

And while I know my monthly mileage for the last five years, when I looked at my yearly mileage, which goes back to 2002, it doesn't look like there's a year with the mileage to support a 1000 mile month.


Nice.  Goals or something to aim for sure helps.  Delivering on 'em, even better!

I must have used up all my motivation in July, because my mileage in August fell off a cliff; 501.02 miles for the month, 3,882.14 for the year. As always, all outdoors.

Hail Augustus! Even with a week's worth of riding shaved from this past month (8/1-8/3 + 8/27-8/31), I still racked 1,239 miles and 13 Perimeter Rides. Now standing at 6,612 miles y-t-d and 52 PRs, ahead of Curt(is)2019 by 587 miles and 7 PRs. 

52 miles for me on the bike,52 miles on the car to get the emissions tested (another IDOT special) so I combined the trips to get some north suburb trail riding in.  A beautiful day for it for sure.  A little windy but the easterlies off the lake made it cool.

52 miles in todays conditions was quite a ride.

1667.4 after Ninth Step Double-Oktoberfest Almost-Century. which included revisiting the site of my 1/26 photo. :-) extrapolation for 2020 up to 2254.1.


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