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Not far, just around the block.  Slippery where it wasn't shoveled well.

I just wanted to be first to start this discussion.

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1,122.13 miles for July (really, it's August already?!).

the Trek Challenge motivated me where I had been lacking since March, and I managed to ride more miles this month/year than I did this month/last year. that hasn't happened since February.

YTD miles = 3,381.12. yikes, i rode fully 1/3 of my miles this YTD in July alone.

5352.8 miles cycled in 2020 after 603.2 miles, all outdoor, for July.

293 consecutive days cycled in 2019-2020. 

Closing the books on the month of July with 14 PRs and 1,262 miles for a total of 5,373 miles y-t-d (4,333 road + 1,040 hamster) and 39 Perimeter Rides. Now leading Curt(s)2019 by 307 miles and 3 PRs.


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