Not far, just around the block.  Slippery where it wasn't shoveled well.

I just wanted to be first to start this discussion.

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Hi Curt(is). Good to see you here. Great to hear your wife is making progress and your kids are at home. Impressive miles. I love the "1,040 hamster miles". Those miles are real too. :-) Take care.

I second Yasmeen's comments.  glad to hear things are getting better Curt(is)

3044.4 miles cycled in 2020 after 1003.2 miles (all outdoor, all over Chicago) for April. First time over 1000 miles for me in a single month ever!

201 consecutive days cycled in 2019-2020.

Dang! That's impressive Brett...

That's a hell of a month. Well done.

497.87 the month

1097.40 the year

I cycled 1,051 outdoor miles last month which puts me at 2,000 outdoor miles on the nose for 2020 (excluding my 909 Zwift miles).  Only 5,500 outdoor miles to go ;)

1285 as of 5/1. All outdoor but not half as enjoyable without access to the lakefront trail. 

100% agreed. even if i can't stop, i would love to be able to get on at ardmore and just ride south...

400.82 outdoor miles for april, which brings my 2020 total to 1,481.60.

working from home kills my commute mileage, and without the motivation to get out the door for work i find it harder to get out the door for any ride if it's cloudy/cold/might rain sometime in the next 24 hours...(just kidding about the last one)

hmm, maybe if i tell my boss that i will log in later, and do my normal commute to the office and then back in the mornings...

Somehow my entry for May Day was not memorialized. So, back-dating this to May 1st, April saw 637 road miles and my first two Perimeter Rides since late December. 1040 hamster miles + 744 road miles for 1,784 miles y-t-d. Trailing Curt(is)2019 now by 719 miles. 

*Roadie surpassed hamster on May 7th with my 5th Perimeter Ride of the season.


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