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High Wind Advisory Wednesday 6pm to Thursday 6pm 11/12/15

It may be calm now. . . "Light weight objects (cyclists?) may be blown around", the advisory says, with sustained winds of 30-39mph and gusts between 45 to 57mph are likely. Eat your Wheaties. Time to hammer the pedals.

It's over. . .fin. . .

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I learned about this on The Chainlink a long time ago. I still think it's the best weather forecast site for biking:

I love NOAA.  They give the unvarnished truth and don't hype up anything like they do on TV.

I guess you are no fan of "Tom at Ten", our weather professor.

WGN news is at 9...

WGN-TV News with "Tom at Ten" began on October 5, 2015.

Wind from the south by southeast means the northbound commute will be flying! Just hoping to get home before the rain. 

As long as it's a tailwind.  ;)

i would have been home before this advisory if some asshat didnt lock my bike to theirs. hopefully i can get it tomorrow

The tail wind was great last night and the headwind wasn't too bad this morning, though I did see someone get blown over this morning on the trail.

And I saw a very stupid accident on State Street committed by someone who has no business driving a semi. Be careful out there...

About to head out- I'll have a partial tailwind SB on Elston... 

By the way the NOAA Area Forecast Discussion is good too- sometime very dryly humorous. No pun intended. Okay, pun intended. :), 


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