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While riding through greek town this evening at Halsted and Jackson a motorist pulled a weapon (handgun) on the corkers. The police happened to be right behind the motorist and arrested him and the passenger.

Please don not argue with motorists because you will never know their state of mind. Be careful!

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I just got home from the Mass and was about to post the same thing. I was maybe 15 feet away when it happened. It could have ended badly in many, many ways but thankfully it didn't (except for the guy with the gun). The Police did a stand up job! I'm glad that it went like it did, and No ONE fired a shot.

I was about the same distance when I saw the 4 officers jump out of the vehicle and remove the weapon from his hand, eject the rounds from the magazine and handcuff him. My concern was that people wanted to stop and gawk while I was telling them to keep moving because someone had a gun. Scary ride because of that! What happened to the escort that we normally get? There were other incidents that I diffused? Is there a full moon? This is the most confrontational Critical Mass ride that I have ever been one! Everyone, be safe!

I came to post, too - not about the gun (horrifying, one of the bullets popped out on the ground few inches from my front wheel) - but about a really bad rider amongst us. I decided to put it in its own thread, though, because he really needs to be called out.

I completely agree that the ride was weird tonight. Lots of wonderful people (the little kids rocked!)
and lots of trouble, people without group ride etiquette, and the aforementioned gawking instead of moving on. Interesting.

There were several bikers that were "out of control"  They were a younger group. We don't want City to stop critical mass! How do we "educate" the new riders?Tonight's ride kinda is saying " No more Critical Mass" to me, however I enjoy every ride! Anyone have suggestions?

I'm glad that the police happened to be there and arrested that reckless fool.

It happened as I was at the front of the mass. My voice was weak due to all the yelling before hand in trying to keep the mass together and asking the riders to let the cars pass. They just got out of control and sat on the guys hood. No bueno! That's when he put the car in park and went to the trunk of his auto to fetch the gun.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Perhaps on these larger summer critical mass rides, someone should get on a PA horn to give some advice at the plaza. Let the cars pass us up so we can achieve "critical mass" and let angry drivers pass on through if at all possible OR ELSE. 

Juan 2-8 mi., you are 100% correct!
'Someone should get on a PA horn to give some advice at the plaza. Let the cars pass us up so we can achieve "critical mass" and let angry drivers pass on through if at all possible OR ELSE.'

We used to have this instruction "session" years ago, but it seems that there isn't a "leader". Last night people were unsure of the route, riders didn't want to leave the plaza. it was pretty unorganized.

I think that I'm familiar with the guys who sat on the car hoods, I saw them doing it earlier during the ride. it's a group of approximately 10 teenagers. how do we deal with this if it occurs again? If this behavior continues we may suffer the same fate as New York City.

After reading about what went down, I'm sort of glad I didn't go last night. 

I was thinking about getting off of work early to attend, but after hearing of two significant events that occurred during the ride, I think that I'm okay with missing June's ride.

Near misses with a bus, a cyclist spitting in the face of a pedestrian, troubled youngsters causing issues and a GUN being pulled out, that is absurd. Leadership (or better leadership if none is present) is greatly needed for the Critical Mass.

A few more incidents like this from riders will encourage Chicago to question whether they continue to allow the ride or not. Let's not give the Chicago a choice. Call out those responsible for showing aggressiveness on the ride, and show the police chaperoning us we appreciate their assistance and help on the ride. Please.
Sadly, no police escort this month.

Does anyone know when was the last time they came?


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