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Update! Great story about fellow Chainlinker, Laurie Chipps biking across the country.

Laurie Chipps loves her Ukrainian Village apartment, her job as a librarian at the Art Institute of Chicago and the friends she's accumulated while living in the city.

But Chipps, 36, said she still wasn't happy — a state that led to her decision to ride a bicycle 4,229 miles across the United States. Chipps' trip — which will take her from Yorktown, Virginia through 10 states before ending in Astoria, Oregon — begins Thursday.

Full story:

We wish Laurie the best on her travels and the start of a new, exciting life out West.

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Way to go! I wish Laurie the best; may the wind always be at her back. Safe travels.

She is riding the wrong way to expect to have the wind at her back ;)

Trust me, there is plenty of research regarding this. While the predominant wind flow across the country is west to east, there are many local factors that trump that, especially with the Gulf Stream mid-country. Many many riders do this trip E->W and the Adventure Cycling Association even runs theirs annual tour this way and the consensus is pretty much that the wind sucks no matter which direction you go, so it's best to just take what mother nature doles out.

Not practical to ride at the tropopause.  ;-)

It was great chatting with you in Chicago's critical mass. Enjoy your travels !! Awesome handle bars BTW! 

Thanks so much, Waymond! I appreciate the support!

Don't know if you started your journey before or after Dana Walls! Regardless it definitely has me thinking about something on these lines since I'm very tried of Illinois politics, taxes, etc! Best of luck !! May the Great winds be with you and not against you! ;-)

Just to put this back on top, in case you were looking for it.


From the Atlantic Ocean, she's gotten as far as "Cave in the Rock" State Park in Illinois, as of her last entry last week. 


Yorktown to Damascus VA

Damascus VA to Big Clifty KY to Utica KY

Utica KY to Cave in the Rock State Park IL

She went from Worldpress to Instagram.  Many more pictures and comments there:

As of today, 8/1 she's only a few hundred miles short of Astoria, OR. 

What a great trip!

Laurie has the right idea!  Heck, I'm half tempted to do the same!

Did you also see the other Chainlinker making a cross-country trip to raise money for cancer research?

No, I didn't but that sure beats working in an office!  I've been wanting to start touring and might buy a Surly LHT in a few weeks and do a ride to down state!


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