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10+ years of commuting, and I finally got one! Stop sign at Haussen, which is just south of Belmont on Milwaukee. I did my usual Idaho Stop timing: check the crossing guard, watch the timing of the traffic, follow the car through going my way on my turn. Head up, checking both directions. He maintained that I didn't even slow, but I hate it when people at/close to an intersection are watching a moving vehicle and trying to say they can tell when it slows.

I've had this discussion a mostly straight on angle, a slow of 3-5 mph means a good 5+ second difference on when you cross intersection, and that is imperceptible to a viewer at that angle, but whatever.

Also, officer and I had a nice discussion afterwards, so there was no animosity. But I thought I'd share the story.

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I always hear of people getting warnings (not tickets) and now, seeing this fine structure, I'm glad police choose to warn cyclists most of the time. Looks like they really need to change how they fine cyclists (separately). Please let us know how this goes. Hope the police officer doesn't show up. Good luck!

I will definitely update after my court date, and actually I plan to talk to Active Trans/some aldermen about the fines/court date.

If I have to go to court for a stop sign, they better be making drivers do the same.

That does seem excessive - I wonder if cars get the same fine.  Which would seem unbalanced considering the damage multiplier that should be applied to motor vehicles.

That is the city ordinance that applies to any "vehicle".  If you look at the ticket, OP will not be going to traffic court but to an administrative hearing at 400 W. Superior.  That does not, however, change the potential penalties upon being found guilty of the violation.

I am curious if it stacks regardless of vehicle type. So, if I get a second ticket in a car, is it my second offense or first? And if I did not have a drivers license to present when I got the ticket on bike, would it have been combined with my record only by name?

Keep in mind if you go to court (or hearing, I'm guessing they are similar) you could have court fees AND your violation fee.  If you just pay it (is that an option?) no court fees.  My wife got pulled over for talking on her phone while driving, the cop said go to court, you could get off.  But we had to pay for both.  We should of just paid the ticket :(

The city web site has information about the administrative hearing process here.

Wow, according to this, I *have* to show. 9-24-010 is not listed on the ticket. I can't just mail it in.

Again, seems excessive. If it was a moving violation in a car, I'd have an option to pay it.

If I was someone who was riding because I didn't have the financial means to drive, $100 + a day off work would hurt way more than it should for rolling a stop sign with a bike.

I got a ticket for running a stop sign in 2011.

Also had to show for court, which was super annoying BUT the judge laughed when she read the report, which made me laugh. The shared moment of realizing how stupid it was made up for using half a day of PTO and paying $45.

Previous discussion about it: 

Wow, yeah, reading back, it used to be a much cheaper ticket.

You must put your foot down or that cop will ticket you no matter.  I just stop completely everyday at that intersection.   He gave warnings for over a year, now he issues tickets.  Sad thing is other bikers just pass me with out stopping and he nails them.  It's happened at least 4 times. 

What's weird is I've been riding that intersection twice weekly for well over two months without anything, and I always do my slowing Idaho Stop, checking carefully for the crossing guard.

Also, I think it's pretty much the only stop sign on Milwaukee anywhere that I can think of. I've been considering if there's a parallel route for a short section between Belmont & Central Park, as it tends to back up pretty badly before that stop sign anyway.



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