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I got an event request for Critical Mass for end of May and I'll be honest, I'm uncomfortable with pressing "approve". Here's why...

There is a hope to "ease" social distancing at the end of May but that doesn't mean groups of 50-100-200+

While I am not trying to parent anyone, I do feel some responsibility not to post events on The Chainlink that can potentially harm people. 

Dr. Birx expects social distancing to "last throughout the summer". 

If you get back in too soon, no vaccine, no wide-spread testing, and have something highly contagious carried by people who are asymptomatic, there could easily be a second, much more devastating wave of COVID-19. 

I'll be honest, I don't want to be that person but I do care a lot about all of you and don't want something that's so great to turn into something that brings tragedy to the bike community. At this point, I'm going to have to decline events like this unless they are letting people know they are cancelled or providing an alternative, physically distanced version in its place. 

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Thank you for being responsible.

   The "in lieu of" plan B could be the "adopt a section of frequently ridden PBL or other pavement" thing a few folks had mulled over last winter?  The game might be to CAREFULLY make sure they're free of glass and such.  This would give folks a little bike devotion time and is likewise beneficial, but the watch word is careful.  We're talking a bright vest and everything 

Maybe for liability reasons that's not something the sight can advocate or suggest... just brainstorming here for the good of the community. 


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