I drew this rap smackdown between John Forester, the godfather of "vehicular cycling," and Mikael Colville-Andersen, a leading proponent of protected bike lanes and founder of the Cycle Chic movement. May the best philosophy win!

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Good luck dressing for your destination in this weather. 

Love it!

Unless you work in a meat locker....but then you might actually have to take clothing off to not be so warm.

KevinM said:

Good luck dressing for your destination in this weather. 

Well I sort of dress for my destination in winter since it is easier to wear business clothes when it is cold.  Of course, I usually have to put some extra layers on that I cannot wear once I get inside.

This is hilarious and terrific.  I love both their philosophies in different ways and under the different circumstances provided throughout Chicago.  There's a happy medium between their positions and most importantly, I respect their different but equally passionate loyalties to cycling (hat tip to Josiah Royce and his philosophy of Loyalty to Loyalty). 

Kudos for yesterday's mention on that other great cycle site,  Bike Snob NYC.

Didn't see that, thanks!

Someone's famous!

John Greenfield said:

Didn't see that, thanks!


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