I heard that the police are going to step up enforcement on chicago bike lanes. What do we have to do to get the police to step up enforcement of jaywalkers waiting in the Dearborn bike lane to cross the street? I'm sick of it!

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I haven't had much problem with jaywalkers. A simple "heads up!" is more than enough to get people's attention.

I would much rather the police pull over and ticket motorists who turn left across Dearborn against the red arrow. It would be great if Alderman Hopkins would request an enforcement day.

"Heads up" is often enough with jaywalking situations. Unfortunately, the worst of my conflicts with peds are at intersections. In too many situations, pedestrians step out into the crosswalk at intersections and just stand there in the lane. This is especially bad at Jackson. I try to educate politely but firmly. "This is a traffic lane. Please don't stand here. This is NOT a sidewalk."

I agree with your point about the need for enforcement aimed at drivers who violate the red left turn arrows. I've seen a lot of close calls in recent months (and had some myself) at Adams and at Madison.

Yeah, Anne, peds at intersections seem oblivious to the bikes. I am often standing at an intersection warning my fellow peds to be careful of the bikes and not to stand in the lane. I think most riders who use the lanes in the loop are aware of this as they are generally very gracious to the lemminglike peds. I find the greatest use for my bell when I ride these lanes. A tone or two (not a chorus) on the bell has just the right balance of politeness mixed with "get the @#% out of the wayness" that seems to jive with your policy of "politely but firmly."

CORRECTION (see below): Alderman Reilly is the Loop alderman.

Not all of the Loop. South of Van Buren (downtown, but not the Loop proper), it's Sophia King, 4th ward.

In other words, yes, he is for all of the Loop? ;)


2nd Ward Alderman Brian Hopkins' ward boundaries downtown are in the Gold Coast and Streeterville area.
42nd Ward Brendan Reilly's covers the loop and 4th Ward Sophia King's is south downtown.

Yes, Ald. Hopkins has already expressed his approval for a ticketing crackdown on bike lane violators.

Cars also routinely turn through red arrows on Washington and Clinton, and ignore the "no right turn" sign on Washington / LaSalle.  This is made even more dangerous by the bus stops on Washington, which block drivers' view of bicycles.


I too find that pedestrians are less of an issue, even at intersections, because they eagerly jump out of the way when you audibly alert them to their mistake.


FWIW, Alderman Hopkins is not the alderman for the Loop, but the point is well taken.


I meant Alderman Reilly! Thank you. :)

I lol'ed at "eagerly jump out of the way." Yes, agreed.

I too find that pedestrians are less of an issue, even at intersections, because they eagerly jump out of the way when you audibly alert them to their mistake.

I wish this was true at Dearborn and Jackson (or Dearborn and Adams), where pedestrians standing in the crosswalk tend to be immovable objects unless one resorts to extreme loudness and/or extreme rudeness.

What I love is when you let someone know you are there and they give you the deer in the headlights look and act like you're the asshole for riding in the way of where they are standing!

You know that thing where you're approaching someone in a hallway and you both go left, right, left at the same time and neither of you can pass? Saw that last night with a cyclist and a cell-phone using ped in the Dearborn lane. Low speeds, fortunately. You couldn't have choreographed a better routine.


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