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SANTA MONICA ( — A driver of a Toyota pick-up truck got into an argument with a bicyclist that resulted in a third man being arrested for attempted car-jacking and a person in wheelchair struck in chaotic road-rage incident, the Santa Monica police said.

The driver jumped out of the truck to confront the bicyclist at Broadway and  Second Avenue near the busy Third Street Promenade. That’s when a third man got into the Toyota and tried to drive off with it. The driver tried to stop the thief. In the process he was hit by his own truck. The pick-up went a little farther and hit a person in a wheelchair. Witnesses said the wheelchair was dragged for some distance.

When the truck came to a stop, a traffic officer and a witness stopped the thief from getting away. Police arrested him officers said.

Police say the man in the wheelchair and the truck’s owner were both taken to separate hospitals.

No other serious injuries were reported.

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The driver of that car should be charged with attempted murder and a bunch of other things.  The motorcyclist wasn't much better.  Shame on both of them.  Glad nobody was killed.

6-28-17. By Josh Verges Pioneer Press/Twin Cities

Jordan Nelson hurt while biking.

"A classical dancer formerly of Ballet Chicago was injured by the driver of a hit-and-run box truck in Rhode Island. He suffered a broken clavicle, a skull fracture and broken bones but the bleeding on his brains has stopped."

School administrator clips cyclist in hit-and-run on Saturday 7-8-17.

Okay, so i'm in NO WAY justifying the behaviour of the driver, but... but...

The rider looks to me to be riding pretty wide into the lane on a narrow blacktop, abreast of the rider with the helmetcam. You can hear a horn blast probably from the white p/u, who passes around them over the double yellow line going into a curve. i imagine the guilty driver will claim the "i never saw him" defense-( said driver was probably distracted -or even possibly deliberately aiming, who knows?)- but from the looks of things, the riders weren't helping themselves by riding abreast on a curving narrow road. Just sayin'. Hope the guy's not too badly hurt.

Can't agree with you there. The only way their width contributed to accident was if it pissed the driver off enough to do it on purpose (probably).

A couple of points.  Reasonable minds may differ:

     1.  The driver in this case is an enormous liar and is still in a state of denial.  In the story cited by Juan, "Neely told the National Park Service rangers that a man and woman were standing in the road at 11 a.m. Saturday.  He reported that the two threw the bicycle into his black Volvo."  My ass, they threw the bicycle at him!  That's not just a difference of opinion over how the accident happened, it's an intentional, complete and utter fabrication.  There should be additional charges added for obstruction of justice for lying to the rangers.  Then this Neely guy changed his story again when interviewed by the paper:  "When the police came and asked me what happened, I said, 'I don’t know.' There was a guy there maybe and I remember he was standing there and I said maybe he threw his bike at me....Obviously, the video shows otherwise. I did not see the man."  He also referred to the impact as a "soft hit" and said that there were bicyclists "all over the place."  Where?  This driver is a lot more concerned about himself and his reputation than he is about the person he nearly killed.  I have no doubt that if the car had hit that bike a little more squarely from the rear, we would have one less cyclist in the world today.  So, I find Mr. Marshall Grant Neely III to be a disgusting piece of crap.

But...I'm with mike w. in thinking it was a way less than smart thing to be riding abreast on that stretch of road.  The cyclist was extremely inexperienced and probably wasn't ready to be in a situation like that.  His friend with the GoPro should have kept him in single file.  The Natchez Trail Safety guidelines say cyclists should: 

  • Ride single-file and on the right (with traffic).
  • While bicyclists may use the entire lane when necessary, the Parkway encourages bicyclists to ride as far to the right as is practicable unless
  • it is unsafe to do so,
  • the bicyclist is passing another bicyclist or pedestrian or
  • the bicyclist is preparing for a left-hand turn.

In my opinion, that was not a situation where it was appropriate to ride that far out in the middle of the roadway.  Single file to the right all the way.  And know your capability level.  That kid learned a lesson the hard way.  I'm glad it wasn't a fatal one.  I hope he rides again soon, but that he gains a lot more experience before undertaking another difficult scenario like the one he found himself in.    


I've ridden the Natchez Trace, from Tupelo south to Natchez.  It's an attractive place to ride - a federal road with low-speed limits enforced by federal law.  No trucks allowed, and limited access to most places, just like an expressway.

But it is a very narrow road with no shoulder.  Even being "entitled" to the full use of the lane I would ride as far to the right as possible and have a rear-view mirror so I could see what's coming and no earphones so I could hear what's coming as well.  There's no fear of "dooring" because nobody parks along the road.

The car driver was clearly at fault, but that doesn't excuse not being careful.

Driver says "I'm a good person" with other conflicting comments.

Damn. I wish all the assholes that run me over and flee the scene would be publicly shamed and placed on administrative leave...

Your wish may be granted if you manage to film said assholes apparently.

I know, right?
I decided the other day, after getting pegged by a half full can of coke: ok, time to buy a helmet cam.

Wow, where in this hell do you ride?


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