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SANTA MONICA ( — A driver of a Toyota pick-up truck got into an argument with a bicyclist that resulted in a third man being arrested for attempted car-jacking and a person in wheelchair struck in chaotic road-rage incident, the Santa Monica police said.

The driver jumped out of the truck to confront the bicyclist at Broadway and  Second Avenue near the busy Third Street Promenade. That’s when a third man got into the Toyota and tried to drive off with it. The driver tried to stop the thief. In the process he was hit by his own truck. The pick-up went a little farther and hit a person in a wheelchair. Witnesses said the wheelchair was dragged for some distance.

When the truck came to a stop, a traffic officer and a witness stopped the thief from getting away. Police arrested him officers said.

Police say the man in the wheelchair and the truck’s owner were both taken to separate hospitals.

No other serious injuries were reported.

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I don't know if it's because of increased news coverage or not, but it seems like road rage of all different kinds is on the increase.  Driver versus driver, driver versus cyclist, cyclist versus driver, and pedestrians chipping in as well.  I think it's because as the population of America and the number of cars and trucks has increased enormously in my lifetime, there are only so many roads that can be built, especially in urban areas.  The roads are much, much more congested, almost all the time.  Plus, the cost of building roads to Nowhere, Exurbia is so prohibitive that they're not being built, either.  I had to commute by car from the south side of Chicago to the Park Ridge/Edison Park area recently, and if I had to do that every day during rush hour, I might lose my sanity too.  The two worst obsessions (among the many) Americans have are guns and motor vehicles.  Looking at the people driving every day, and what they're driving, I'd say that the average American on the road uses enough energy to move approximately 2,000 pounds.    

Just looking at what I've witnessed personally in my lifetime, I see a lot more road rage now compared to 10 or 20 years ago.  Your mileage may vary...

The Eisenhower is a good example of such crazy stupidity. 

People are awful. 

"[A] third man got into the Toyota and tried to drive off with it. The driver tried to stop the thief. In the process he was hit by his own truck."

Instant karma.


It's a shame about the person in the wheelchair, tho.

This just in:

Man shoots cyclist from car to 'blow off steam'

Texas of course.

Thanks Todd Shields, of the Pioneer Press, for the same old style of reporting of a cyclist /vehicle crash.

"...striking a van traveling east..."

Okay, looking at a map and according to the report, the rider turned East onto Miller. The van was already going East. Did the rider t-bone the van? Not likely. Did he rear end the van? Very unlikely.

Miller road at that point is a little narrow, but not impassible, nor is bicycle traffic unknown along it. IIRC, it had recently been resurfaced. It's a bit rolling along this stretch. 

My take? The rider made his turn, the van driver came over a rise and either was going too fast to avoid a collision, or just wasn't paying attention. i very much doubt that the rider hit the van, but quite the opposite. Sounds like with lack of witnesses, the driver pulled the "i never saw him, he came from nowhere, officer." line.

Now look for North Barrington & the nearby suburbs to restrict bicycle traffic on their roads.

Oh, and BTW, was the van driver wearing a helmet? Lazy automobile-centric reporting.

To go a bit further. Early in the article:

"...he was hit Monday by a van..."

But then later:

"...turned right, striking a van..."

I'd contact the reporter or publication to notify them of this contradiction but I don't really think any edit they would make would improve it.

Freshly in news:

"Chris Traber and Tim Morrison were driving down the 14 Freeway in Santa Clara on their way to work when they noticed a sedan cut off a motorcycle to get into the HOV lane. Traber took out his phone and started recording.

The video showed the motorcycle get close to the sedan, as the driver attempted to kick the car. The car swerved towards the bike and the bike pulled away.

The car then swerved towards the bike again, but missed the rider and hit the barrier. Sparks flew. The car crossed the median, knocking over a white truck before spinning out in the middle of the road."

Those metal boxes are rage ovens.

Rage ovens for the caged animals that they are.


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