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I have a few I can name that I do my best to avoid ever riding on and last weekend, when I was outside of my normal riding area, I realized my knowledge is pretty limited so I thought I'd post this in hopes to start an ongoing thread of streets that are pretty miserable for riding a bike. 

To get it started...

  • Ashland Ave. - No bike lanes, speeding cars
  • Michigan Ave. - No bike lanes, speeding cars, tourists, gaggles of buses
  • Western Ave.  - Ashland but with cowboy hats ;-)

The other thread... What Are Your Favorite Chicago-Area Bike Lanes, Paths & Routes?

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Can you just broadly say where in South Shore to where in Hyde Park? I have to think there is a decent route available--possibly many.

Shay - There may be other people to bike commute with, depending on your work hours.

From 77th, between Jeffrey and Stony Island.  Near the South Shore International College Prep high school.

Wells St. between Wacker and Van Buren. Seriously, who decided that this was the best option for a southbound bike lane (sharing the right lane)? It has little light due to the overhead 'L'. 'No idea why parking is allowed on the right side during rush hour. Numerous opportunities for getting doored. Today there were 3 delivery trucks double parked in the right lane. WTF. Why are deliveries allowed during the morning rush? There are several parking garages, so cars cutting you off is a constant danger.

My recommendation would be a) make the right side of the street 'No Parking' during the morning rush, with tow trucks patrolling the area, b) move the bike lane to the right of the 'L' supports.

I really should be filing 311 reports for the delivery trucks double parked in the right lane, as technically this is a shared bike lane.

That one is much better nights and weekends, when traffic is light. That's a whole different world.

Yes, those parking garages are awful hazards.

  • Ridge Ave - forget it. Very thankful that (at least part of) Glenwood Ave. now has the "DO NOT ENTER except bikes" policy.
  • Irving Park is pretty dangerous, too.

FWIW, Ashland is pretty safe once it starts up again in Rogers Park. It's basically from the Clark/Ashland merge and basically all the way south you want to avoid it.

I'd say North Ave from Damen to the Lake. Four lanes that are tight and without much room for cyclists. 

I use North Ave (east of Damen) from time to time, but always with extreme caution. I generally avoid it if I can...

Harlem Ave. No bike lanes, many narrow stretches with parked cars. Fortunately, the adjacent side streets are good up until (south of) Irving.

I avoid Broadway between Diversey and Grace because it is too narrow.  Same with Fullerton Parkway between Halsted and Clark.

Shay - A friend who lives a bit south of you makes the following suggestions to get you to Hyde Park.

From South Shore High, head north on Constance. At 71st dogleg right to Bennett to cross the Metra Electric tracks then back west 1/2 block to continue north on Constance. At 70th go right 1 block to Bennett, then north to 67th. Left on 67th, cross Stony Island and go over to Woodlawn (1200 W) then north to Hyde Park. All on lightly trafficked side streets except for 67th which is not busy at all.

The other option at 67th is go east to Jeffery (2000W) and enter the lakefront trail there on the east side of Jeffery.

I hope this helps. 

Thank you, Anne!  Much appreciated.  


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