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Repost from the CCC FB page, by James Rohaley:

Hi Chicago bikers,
A man was doored by an Uber driver in front of my apartment on Belmont and Broadway at about 8:10pm. My windows were open and I heard the biker yelling at the guy not to leave which is when I ran to grab my phone to photograph the car license plate #. I did get this photo of the car and tried to run after the biker to tell him I got the information but he had already left. Trying to be a good Samaritan and am taking a long shot on this group that could help me find the guy.

Any advice on what I should do?


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At the very least you should report the incident to Uber along with the plate #. i should think they'd have the driver's info.

This driver has also been submitted to our database at for illegally parking in bike lanes.

I didn't realize this was a thing. I am impressed. The ability to cross-reference offenders is amazing.

It's very much a thing.  While we are new, we've collected almost 12,000 submissions recording bike lane obstructions and lane conditions. As our data grows so does our opportunity to identify repeat offenders.  Our data has been used to highlight problem locations, problem drivers, and problem companies. When a cyclists is injured or worse, we've been able to use our database to prove involved drivers/companies had/have a history with putting cyclist lives at risk.

So nice to know about this cross reference stuff. When will these photos ever result in a ticket? 

That's a good question for your alder person if you live in Chicago.

I shared this article with my alder and the alder of the area in which I used to work +bike in frequently:

Thanks. Nice article. Hopefully your alder person may take some action.

That driver has a ridershare airport sticker in the lower right of the Bike Lane Uprising picture. Uber and/or Lyft will know.

The IL Secretary of State also can identify the owner of the vehicle, but not necessarily the driver. 

Hopefully the cyclist sees this and reaches out. Thanks for being a true Good Samaritan! 

Thank you very much!  That's me! I got doored by the Uber driver. I'm banged up, but ok. I will now pursue with this additional information, for I failed to get plate in make car post accident before he spead off. THANK YOU!

Hey PJ, so sorry to hear you were doored. I'm glad this helps you find the driver. Thanks for sharing the post Serge!  Take care PJ. 

Yup! Very clear by your post. I mis-typed. Thanks for posting.  

Hello PJC JR  - We would be happy to share additional information regarding their recorded bike lane obstruction in our database as well.  Feel free to email us at


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