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Yesterday on my way home,, Divvy rider crashes hard against wall. People: you ok? repetitively. I asked the same as I slowed down. Saw phone on ground... "were you texting?" guy: yes. Cause of crash. I kept riding.

Monday - saw guy on a bike looking at his phone on southbound lane on the bridge... crashed. Some people stopped to see if he was ok. I kept going north. 

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Why is it so darned hard to just pull over if something is so important you need to read/respond? 

I tuck my phone in my purse or pocket and ignore it while I ride. SMH.

I do the same. Silence phone and next time I check it is when I get home to let loved ones I am home safe. 

We've got people driving and texting and walking and texting so I'm not surprised that people are cycling and texting. I expect that they're gonna be riding scooters and texting too.

Smart phones have turned into electronic leashes for many of their owners.

"riding scooters and texting too."


They need to install Honda Sixth Sense on their phone.

Agreed. On my ride home last night, I lost count of the texting while riding riders. 

Type-corrected version: I see this a fair amount as well.  Sans crash but it is pretty disconcerting to see and then hear about this event too.  While I'm not endorsing for various reasons, there are several "talk and text" options out there so folks can just talk and also hear what someone has texted to them, all hands free.  People shouldn't be getting hurt just because somebody wants to tell them something. with my handlebar's easier to be Sir Phones-a-Lot...


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