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Do You Lurk on The Chainlink? Now's Your Time to Speak Up

The latest discussions around and against the Drexel bike lanes by some cyclists among other topics gives me pause. When I am literally the only voice bringing researched articles and facts to the table to answer the barrage of opinions that go against all data, well, I am tired.

Do you read? Do you lurk? Tell me if you find The Chainlink useful. I pay to keep the doors open, try to use it as a tool for good, give people a voice, create a supportive environment. And I realize this is a small but vocal group shouting me down but it is making me ask some tough questions. I don't want to give a platform with the only purpose providing a platform to those that just think cyclists are rude, law-breaking people that suck, that we don't deserve bike lanes, how dare we question the repeated lack of bike safety support of one alderman, etc. Or if I bring up the issues of racism and sexism in cycling, well, I am racist and sexist.  

So please, speak up if you think CL provides value as a cyclist. If you want to troll me, you'll just be making more of an argument to consider pulling the plug.

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I regularly read CL, and I think it is a valuable part of the local cycling community.  Bike related media coverage is consolidated, notificaitons of public meetings on transit is posted here, and commentary is generally interesting.  As with most internet forums exchanges can get nasty, but that does not negate the positives that stem from CL.

Probably publicisizing meetings has the most impact.  Planning for bike lanes and infrastructure goes differently if cyclists are represented in those meetings.  That will only happen if there is media coverage of community meetings.

Hi Yasmeen - Sorry I've been quiet for a while. Thanks for keeping the lights on.

I started a fun thread in 2010 "I Rode Today, Did You?"   It was no...

I don't come on here that often now.  No reason really.  Today I was wondering if the LFP was back open around the Oak Street curve this afternoon...probably not; I'll take Dearborn to North Ave then jump on the LFP to continue North.



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