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Divvy has been operating for over two years in Chicago. There are a good number of employees here have been here since the beginning. We need a living wage to continue in our quest to maintain this system. High demands are made on most employees. Yet, many workers are still near their original starting wages. WE ARE IN CONTRACT NEGOTIATION AT THIS TIME & NEED YOUR HELP!! Some have been made full time with a meager benefit package. We are asking for YOU, DIVVY RIDERSHIP to see our FACEBOOK website & our MOVEON.ORG petition & put management on notice that being told we are doing a great job is just not enough. We need a livable wage! WE ARE BIKERS, OUT & PROUD!  Thanks everyone!  Divvy Workers.

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I too would like to know the answer to this question.

Why are you worried about what other bikeshares make in other cities?  How much do you make now?

Why are you worried about how much we make now? Do you have any idea what our jobs here entail? How much money do you make right now? Why is that at all relevant to the color of the sky? Why is that relevant to anyone but ourselves? Why do you feel entitled to weigh in on how much I make? Do you know what I do?

Because you're engaging the public, and asking the public to tell your masters that you want more.  So, you want more of what?  "Livable wage" is what you want.  $15 an hour is what fast food workers want.  Do you want $15 or do you already have that?

Thanks for a good & direct response. Yes, that is what we want!

OK, so you want $15 an hour. Wouldn't it have been easier to say Divvy workers want $15 an hour?

Dupajas, I think he's done a good job of answering your questions. If you want to support them, that'd be fantastic. I don't think they are really looking to debate the communication choices they are making in asking for our support. If you don't agree with how they handled it, that's fine, just don't add your name to the petition. 

FYI, the bike shares in other cities are all parts of the same parent network.

That may be true but the cost of living is different in different cities.  A living wage in Chicago may not be a living wage in SF or NYC or Montreal.  Differences in wages to account for cost of living adjustments isn't unreasonable even if you all work for the same company.

A living wage is decent wage. It affords the earner and their family the most basic costs of living without the need for government support or poverty programs.

Cook County living wage calculator.


According to this its not as much as I thought it was, and the calculations assume car ownership which they estimate at 5-10k a year.


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