Divvy has been operating for over two years in Chicago. There are a good number of employees here have been here since the beginning. We need a living wage to continue in our quest to maintain this system. High demands are made on most employees. Yet, many workers are still near their original starting wages. WE ARE IN CONTRACT NEGOTIATION AT THIS TIME & NEED YOUR HELP!! Some have been made full time with a meager benefit package. We are asking for YOU, DIVVY RIDERSHIP to see our FACEBOOK website & our MOVEON.ORG petition & put management on notice that being told we are doing a great job is just not enough. We need a livable wage! WE ARE BIKERS, OUT & PROUD!  Thanks everyone!  Divvy Workers.

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Divvy mechanics get paid better than most bike shop mechanics do.  If you want more money, will you go on strike against the folks who rent your bikes?

I will will answer your statement & respond to your question as best as I can. Firstly, we are now a union shop. Something no other bike shop in the city can claim. Secondly, Divvy is a small part of the Motivate Bicycle Share Corp which is a small part of a multinational investment company, savvy? This is a MUCH differently run situation that any bike shop in the city experiences. Most bike shops in the city are independently owned & run on shoestring budgets. This is an apple & oranges debate.
No, we won't go on strike against the folks who rent our bikes. By asking that question you are showing that you clearly have little experience or knowledge of how unions work much less history. When workers go on strike in most cases I am aware of, it is a last ditch attempt to secure said benefits &/or wages from said management. Hypothetically, if we were to go on strike, it is against management for above improvements.

Dupajas shows that it is all "it's all about me" mentality rather than looking at life from the other person's eyes.

If they go on strike, it a strike against Divvy, not against the people who ride Divvy bikes.  If the customers of Divvy are impacted the complaints should be addressed to Divvy (who can end the strike) and not against the workers at Divvy.

Management can't end a strike, can it?  No more than they can start a strike?

Management CAN end a strike simply by fair negotiations to meet the terms and conditions of employment (it's not just wages!). 

Often company management don't want to be fair and try to blame it on their own employees.

The management equivalent of a strike is a lockout.

Thank you for the enlightening response. I support Divvy employees in their efforts to be paid a livable wage. Signed the petition.

Thank you. Speaking for myself alone, we will continue to do the best job possible within our powers to give our customers the best bike share we can.

Likewise. I signed.

Thank you.

Just curious but what sort of wages/benefits are workers getting now and what are you hoping to get from Divvy?

Let me just say this. After two years of doing our jobs, we are still making $4 to $5 per hour less then what all of the other cities in the system START AT.


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