So $9.95 is the new 24 hour rate

Worth it?

I have a yearly membership and love it.

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The two times that I've used divvy I thought that the cost was too much($7.00). With this increase, I won't be considering their services as an alternative to the public transit system.

Sounds like a way to make more money off tourists. Can there be a reduced daily fee if your credit card zip code is in Chicago? Sounds like non-membership residents are getting screwed here.

(Sorry for the Europe comparison.) I was in Paris last month and used Velib two days of our stay. It cost about $1.80 per day. The system obviously receives more subsidies than Divvy but it makes for a better "public good" when the direct user cost is lower. But taxes, boot straps and stuff.

I also have a yearly membership, that gets a lot more use when friends and family visit. (wink, wink.)

If you plan to take a few trips in that period and not do that more than a few times a year then yes I think it's worth it. For someone from out of town $10 a day is not bad for easy access to a bike in many parts of the city. 

Honestly I hate riding CTA enough that even if it's for just one trip I would pay the $7 premium over a CTA ride. Now that California Park has a Divvy station I'm debating getting an annual membership. However even then it may be more economical for me to just pay the daily fare on the few occasions I'll use a Divvy. So far I've only rented a Divvy once and it was mainly for kicks and giggles. 

I thought $7 was kind of high, but I could justify using it once in a while. I still can with $10, but honestly that seems like too much. I already think twice about using divvy now, so a higher price would make me use it even less.

I never got a membership since last year I used it maybe 4 times. So daily rate is still cheaper.

I just had my third renewal for the yearly plan as well. I use it instead of taking CTA. From my place on the near west side, it's 25 minutes to work by Divvy, 20 with my own bike, or 45 by CTA (walk or bus 6 blocks on Western to the Blue Line, then walk from the Blue Line 3 blocks to work), so my CTA use has dropped off dramatically, compared to the much cheaper, faster Divvy. I also use it for the added flexibility- if I ride my bike to work, I want to take it home in the evening. If I ride Divvy, I can cab or take CTA home if, for example, I end up getting rip-roaring drunk after work.

I do find it really difficult to convince out-of-town guests and suburban co-workers to spring for the day pass, even at $7/head. At $10, I probably won't even broach the subject.

I've been wishing they would come up with a 3 hour pass for $3-5 so I could get bikeless co-workers to come bike with me down Randolph for lunch, for example, instead of sharing a cab. It'd be nice if there was a reduced-price pack of day passes I could buy for guests, too. I know the $125/year membership includes 5 passes, I wish it was more like 10 passes, but with the price going up, I may get the upgrade.

I actually don't have a problem with this.  DIVVY seems to understand that most of the daily passes are sold to tourists.  For a tourist it's probably acceptable to spend $10 instead of $7 for a day pass.  Day passes aren't really what DIVVY was designed for anyway (as far as I understand it).  If you're a local DIVVY makes a ton of sense for the yearly fee, which is the cost of about 10 day passes.  I estimate DIVVY costs me about 20 cents a ride, probably less.

About the same as a CTA one day pass.  Of course if you only want to take one or two CTA rides you can pay per ride.

Is this to offset the 5$ yearly for those that make less than 35k?

ha ha, no doubt that's how some would like to frame it...

There are other cities that also offer a 3 day rate - I did it in Boston for I think $15 and for me that was totally worth it. Basically like getting one day free. It was enough of a deal that I thought it made sense but then I wasn't annoyed that I spent that when I didn't end up using it at all on the 3rd day.

If a resident than the yearly pass is definitely the way to go. It would be nice if as a member you could buy a few discounted one day passes to give to friends. Kinda like the permit parking passes. I got a few when I first got my membership and it helped me encourage some friends to try it out with me. A few of them have since gotten their own membership.

Given the number of people I see taking them to the beach or thinking that the $7 is all they'll pay for 24 hrs a nearly $3 increase. Dock it people, you can still ride it.


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