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"Dennis's Law" got a lot of attention when the bill was signed in August, but it is now the law of the land. With the start of a new year, Illinois bicyclists will find themselves with greater protection under the Illinois Rules of the Road. Starting January 1, 2017, Illinois law clearly states that bicyclists receive the same rights to the "right-of-way" as drivers of motor vehicles. This law is known as "Dennis's Law" after fallen Illinois bicyclist Dennis Jurs

Very honored to have represented the Jurs family. Very grateful to State Rep. Anna Moeller of Elgin for sponsoring this legislation. Hopefully this change in the law will have a "ripple effect" that leads to greater respect for bicyclists that, in turn, leads to fewer crashes. 

Happy New Year. Have a great 2017 and Ride Safe. -Mike

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Thanks Mike! And thanks for the work you did to make "Dennis's Law" happen. So important to our community.

I heard a bit about this on WBEZ the other day. Glad that it is the law but I hope that it gets more press soon so that it has the greatest possible positive impact on the biking community. Drivers (and bike riders) need to know more about it. And thanks for your part too!

Do you have the link to the actual law wording? In very interested to see what area of the codified law that falls under. I'm hoping 625 and not some other area so it is at least enforceable as traffic law.


There is a link to the wording in Mike's post above. It is in section 625.

Didn't see the link originally since I'm on my phone. Sorry for,the stupid question but thanks for the answer!

I have been a little confused by this.

If we have the same rights as cars, do we also have the same restrictions?

Does this mean that it is illegal to ride between the cars and the curbs as we come up to stop lights?

is it now illegal for cars to pass us on a one lane road?

We do not have all of the same restrictions (many, but not all). It is explicitly legal for cyclists to ride between the curb (or parked cars) and car traffic. Cars may pass when safe on two-lane roads - those laws have not changed.


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