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Damen Avenue North of Montrose: Potholes, Gravel, & Bumpy Bike Lanes

Anyone else experience the gravel, bumpy bike paths on Damen Avenue? Parts of it are pretty painful to ride for a few blocks.

I don't completely understand why most of it is in the bike lanes. Also, the potholes in the bike lanes are pretty bad. I hope this is actively being worked on - every time I'm riding on Damen, I don't see any active construction or repair, just a construction vehicle parked (and sleeping) on the side of the road. :-/ 

Anyone have any information on the timeline? 

Here's one of the potholes on Damen... 

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In general it's disappointing what's happened to Damen north of, say, Armitage. Approaching Fullerton the bike lane disappears (an old problem, but I was hoping it'd be addressed when they re-did the Fullerton/Elston intersection). Then north of Diversey there are sharrows instead of bike lanes. A bummer.

I particularly love the mound of asphalt in the southbound bike lane in the middle of the intersection w/ Sunnyside.

Count on that stretch getting worst before it gets better - it looks like the city is starting water main replacement on that stretch. Based on the way Lincoln is still a patchwork of uneven concrete and eroded asphalt after the work there (2 years ago?), and the glacial pace of work on Southport south of Addison I don't foresee a smooth commute any time in my near future.

Halsted,Southport,Broadway in Lakeview far West Armitage past Kedzie all terrible.

No bike lanes avaliable unless you ride a mountiain bik or one of those ridiculous 40cc tired bikes.

Is that work on Broadway still going on?? I feel like that was months ago that I saw that.

Though Southport has been ripped up for ages, so. ::shrug::

A random selection of streets in Beverly are also getting torn up. Between water/sewer work and gas main work, it could be a rough summer.

This is part of why I prefer mountainbikes, even though I'm biking through a flat paved city and not mountains.

I took a few more photos tonight on my ride...

Water main replacement is fun for everyone! Even afterwards!  :-/

Try the 4600 block of North Monticello, or as I call it, the Ho Chi Minh Trail !


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