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On Friday night my girlfriend and I were on the Halsted bus going from Aldine to North and I saw a CPD marked patrol unit with its lights on at Schubert, just south of Diversey, and a bike on the road in front of it that officers were moving off to the side and a group of officers around someone on the sidewalk. Does anyone here know what happened to the cyclist and if they are OK? 

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Info from CPD:

2700 block of N. Halsted on March 18, 2022 at approx. 6:10 p.m. (19th District) 
Officers were engaged in a traffic stop at the above location. While the driver was exiting vehicle to complete the traffic stop, a 32-year-old male traveling southbound on a bicycle struck the driver's side door and fell off the bike. Officers immediately assisted the cyclist, who declined EMS. No injuries or damages were reported. 
Doesn't sound like the motorist was ticketed for the dooring, but I'm double checking.

Thanks for looking that up - I suspected something like that. There was a green Taurus and its driver at the scene that seemed as if it may have been involved. Interesting, but not surprising, wording in the report - the cyclist struck the door, as if the driver had nothing to do with it.


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