"Illinois State Comptroller Susana Mendoza was on a Sunday bike ride with her husband and 4-year-old son when a black pickup truck came barreling through a red light.

A few blocks farther down Austin, at Higgins, the black pickup rear-ended a car, causing a multivehicle crash. Witnesses tried to stop him, but the driver of the black pickup was able to drive away before police arrived.

He might never have been caught if it weren't for Mendoza. She rode up on her bike, saw the damage, helped the other drivers and confronted the man in the pickup. She got in his face. And she took an amazing video..."

Link contains the truly amazing video.

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Only too bad that they couldn't nail Mr. Quarters for DUI as well. You get the feeling that he'll do it again real soon, just by the way he acted in that video. Turd.

Where was the police response in this explosive and dangerous incident? This idiot was on the edge of seriously injuring many people. DUI, and also falsely claiming to be a police officer. I'm not sure she saved the day, only a little bit of evidence while she and others put their lives in jeopardy from a mentally detached and under the influence driver. What if he had a knife or gun?

The guy obviously is extremely connected, but the video contains evidence of at least 2 felonies:

- falsely claiming to be a police officer, like Tom pointed out, and

- aggravated battery for intentionally hitting a guy with his truck.

I  already dug Susana Mendoza, but NOW I want to work for her gubernatorial campaign. Run, Susana, run!!

I met her at Bike the Drive a few years ago when she was riding it with her family. She made a great impression then, and she just keeps building on it.

I wonder if John Kass will continue to call cyclists "little bike people" after this.

Of course he will.

Whatever we may think of  Kass's prior columns he did praise a Democrat who was a good citizen in  protecting a cyclist. I almost spilled coffee on myself  when I read his column. There are times when  our humanity overcomes whatever views or differences we may  have. Cheers to  both Kass and Mendoza as  some  good  came of this  potentially ugly incident.

I still think of Kass as that troll that is squatting on Royko's spot.

That is exactly what he is! thanks for the imagery! :)


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