I realize this has been done in the past but thought maybe it was time for a fresh thread. I'll be adding this to the quick links as well. 

Mainly, I'm posting this because so many roads have been under construction with water main and sewer projects. Being on Southport this morning near Wrigley, I had no idea I ended up (on my skinny tire road bike) in the middle of a torn up street for blocks until I gave up and got off...

Southport - not sure how far South it goes but it starts in the North at Irving. Anyone know the full extent of the torn-up streets? 6/17

Racine - a few random torn up chunks South of Belmont 6/17

Damen - torn up North of Montrose with parts of the bike lanes reduced to gravel and deep potholes 6/17

Clark - been a few weeks since I've been on it but it was pretty torn up North of Montrose to ~Foster? Also, sections near Wrigley are not great.

Lincoln Ave - Off and on from about Addison to Belmont/Ashland

Anything to add? I've noticed the bike lanes seem to disappear under construction - there tends to be pedestrian and car accommodations but bikes don't seem to be taken into consideration, making it more dangerous and with a lack of alternatives, it's worrisome.

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The Dearborn lane was closed between I wanna say Jackson & Van Buren with no accommodation as recently as last week.


Harrison to Polk was closed too, but I won't count that because the Printers Row Lit Fair is much older than the lane.  ;^)

I guess I missed that Jackson to Van Buren blockage.

Just saying, I ride Kinzie to Jackson daily. In the past six months, I've had to "re-route" maybe...once or twice?

On Archer - They just started a new round of tearing up curbs & crosswalks. So yeah, lots of new debris and holes in the pavement. It truly is a never-ending destruction project.

If you're riding in Beverly, a significant neighborhood route to parallel 95th St. is closed for construction - 96th between Longwood and Vanderpoel.

At first I thought it might be a Metra crossing replacement. Got a better look today. It's a utility project - looks like water and sewer - so this might take a while.

It's possible to dismount and go around it on the sidewalk, but this requires about 1/2 block of walking - unless there's no ped traffic and you're comfortable with crushed stone and debris in your path.

Lots of good information here.  Would be great if there was a "Road and Trail Conditions" section of the Chainlink where running threads for a given street or trail could be posted and updated by users.  Maybe divide into regions so it is more navigable and useful.  Would be great for construction and winter weather updates.

Let me think about this. Open to suggestions on how to split it. We could create a "roads" group separate from the trails group we're using for news and conditions. Thoughts?

I like the idea of running threads for different streets.

southport north of addison has the first layer of asphalt laid down and is smooth(ish).
southport between belmont and addison has been ground down, with signs of tar being laid down and some asphalt just south of addison.
The Dearborn lane was closed between Jackson & Van Buren yesterday evening as well. Some kind of sewer work. Third time this month for me, and I don't usually go that way. YMMV if you commute strictly at 9am and 5pm.

There's been water and sewer work on Adams between State and Wabash recently. I noticed a lane closure this morning - tons of fun with all the buses.


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