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Is the concrete barrier placed on the lakefront path north of north avenue for cyclists safety or upcoming construction?

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It's so the high fall/winter waves won't hit cars. 

It does make a very small run-off area completely unavailable. And the weight will crack the pavement edge so the trail will disintegrate faster.

Water hasn't hit the drive like that since the Halloween storm five(?) years ago.

There are barriers along Sheridan Road above Lake Shore Drive. At Sheridan Beach and at Rosemont which dead-ends into the lake. I've been living up there for thirteen years now and haven't ever seen a storm come close to threatening Sheridan Road as these barriers would indicate. What is the city planning for this winter?

From the article: "Lake Michigan is up six feet since 2013 and rose 15 inches over the past year alone, according to the National Weather Service. The lake last reached this level in 1986 and significantly impacted Lake Shore Drive and Sheridan Road."

Here's some words from 2nd ward alderman Brian Hopkins on the topic:

As I rode it yesterday, I was thinking these barriers might just help to keep spray from LSD from dumping onto the bike path, as opposed to water/snow blowing over from the lake to LSD. 

That's a valid concern.  The past couple of years the park district has been really good about keeping the path plowed and salted all winter long.  Hopefully this won't impact that. I commute on the path every weekday. 



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