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Clark/Diversey: Cyclist got run down by an Uber driver in a bike lane.

Clark/Diversey: Cyclist got run down by an Uber driver in a bike lane. Minor injuries. Multiple witnesses. CPD: Per our discretion, nothing here to ticket.

2700 Block of N. Clark at 4:20PM

Came upon a cyclist on the ground in the parking lane, having just been hit by an impatient Uber driver trying to cut through the bike and empty parking lanes to make the right green arrow onto eastbound Diversey. She was bruised with a cut on her chin and was obviously shaken up. The Uber driver's car mirror was hanging by the wires. Multiple witnesses saw him cut into the bike lane and strike her. He admitted fault.

We waved down a passing cop who took down the parties' information, some notes, witness statements. The cyclists declined treatment and decided to go to St. Joes. Before she leaves, we ask: "So you're going to cite the driver for hitting her?" The responding officers declined to issue any ticket saying that it was "their discretion", "they didn't see it happen", and "it was just an accident." I challenged his rationale, told him to just do his job, albeit curtly, and he steps towards me and tells me to "shut the fuck up" before being held back by his partner.

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it was "their discretion", "they didn't see it happen"

  You wonder what would change "their discretion".  If the victim was a Chicago Bike officier , related to a fellow policeman, member of an alderman's staff??  If the Uber driver was Hispanic, African American or exhibited a sexual orientation other than the officers??   

  I thought they were sort of silly, but with this and similar cases I am considering investing  in a GoPro or similar device.   

It is always tough to make a decision at a time like this. We have to  give the  officer  their  authority and be respectful.  We also have to make sure you have the badge  number and  license plate of the officer's vehicle.  Then,  after  staying quiet during  the  encounter  we can make sure to  absolutely not  shut the fuck up  by making public that badge number and  by reporting  said officer to  his/her/their superiors.  It is fortunate,  that the cyclists was  not  injured  worse. The Redit writer described a situation where it  is not  a he said/she said, but a situation  where the Uber driver admitted  fault and citizen  witnesses confirmed the  dangerous maneuver that  caused the  cyclist to be hit in  the bike lane.  I do  not see a lot of room for  discretion  unless the victim begged the officer not  to  write a ticket. Video, as we sadly learned in 9 minutes last year, can  be compelling as well.


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