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I'm curious if anybody anybody rides an adult trike in Chicago? If not, have you at least seen a tricyclist in Chicago?


Is there some sort of Chicago recumbent-cyclists' community?




Appleton, WI

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Just to be clear ...

Adult trike:

Recumbent trike:

There is this one recumbent tricycle rider I just saw yesterday. His trike has a filing cabinet as a storage unit in the rear with a flashing yellow light attached to the top of it as his flag waves around. His vehicle has a smaller wheel in the front and he wears an asian rice picker straw hat. Perhaps people will remember him as he would ride with the Critical mass over the past 10 or more years.

Is this Peter, who usually rides with the Critical Mass?

The place to go is Amling's Cycle in Niles.  They have really specialized in these types of bikes are experts about the types of people using, brands, etc.

The couple who runs it was recently profiled in the paper (I think?) and tend to be really helpful. Since these bikes are more expensive and many customers can be looking for adaptive needs (e.g. TBI, balance issues, comfort preferences, etc.) they are different from other bike salespeople.

Amling's is where I bought mine.



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