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Our second Kidical Mass ride was 5 times as big as our first!  If we keep that rate of growth up we'll have over 20 million riders by our 10th ride.

Of course it did help a little that the weather Saturday was as perfect as can be while our first ride on March 20 th was cold, windy and wet.

Based on our success the Palmer square ride is going monthly.  2nd Saturday morning each month gathering at 10:30 AM for an 11:00 AM ride.

On the 3rd Saturday morning of each month we will ride in a new neighborhood.

Apr 17, gather 9 AM for 9:30 AM departure, ride til 11:00 AM.
Starts/ends at small park at 4731 N Lincoln ave.

May 15, gather 10:30 AM for 11:00 AM departure. Starts by the ice rink
at Warren Park, 6600 N Western

To join in the discussion and planning of future rides:

pics from first 1st Chicago Kidical Mass

2nd Kidical Mass

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