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As we reach the end of 2014, I’m in awe at how much we have done as a community in the past few years.  We surpassed 11,000 members, created lifelong friends and partners, gotten engaged and married, had babies (with a few more on the way), improved our health, influenced transportation policy, helped open bike shops and supported numerous bicycle organizations and rides.  Suffice to say, there are many more exciting years ahead of us as bicycling takes on an even greater focus for the general population as a healthy, environmentally-friendly lifestyle activity and transportation option.


The Chainlink has been my “baby” for the last several years, and as I mentioned recently, I’m getting close to starting the next new adventure in my life. This time it will be as a new mom with another kind of baby, with different needs.   After a lot of deliberation and thought, I’ve decided to step down running The Chainlink as I transition into this new phase of life.  And just like when Leah handed over the reins to me, I am now handing over the reins to another extremely competent person who I know will continue with the same mission of The Chainlink, as a hub for the Chicagoland cycling community.


Yasmeen Schuller, long time Chainlink member and personal confidant, will be taking over the reins.  I’ll be staying on as an advisor and involved in some events this coming year and look forward to seeing many of you out and about.   


Meet Yasmeen


There are several reasons Yasmeen is the right person for the job and I trust she will continue to do good things for the community and improve and grow on what we’ve done up until now.  Yasmeen is deeply involved in the Chicago cycling community and many people are familiar with her bubbly personality and passion for being involved in the community and encouraging people to bike.  She’s been a member of The Chainlink since 2011 and is also a member of the BFF Racing Team. Some of you have met her on longer rides including RAGBRAI, Barry Roubaix, The Joliet Metric Century, Udder Century, Swedish Days and Le Tour De Shore.


Yasmeen has over 15 years of experience with digital marketing and development and has extensive experience launching websites. This is important because, after spending the last 2 years planning, strategizing and working on launching a new website that so many of you contributed towards and supported, I’ve realized that in order to finish the project it needs someone with her experience to manage the launch and Yasmeen is the right person to get the project done, and implemented right.   She’s been analyzing where we are and all the improvements and features we are looking to improve upon and will be in touch as she delves in.  


It’s been an amazing experience running this unique and wonderful community site, and I’m looking forward to watching it grow under Yasmeen’s direction for many years to come.  


You can say hi and send a congratulatory note to her here.


Feel free to stay in touch with me here.




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You sure will! 

Andy Moss 9.5 said:

Julie, thanks for your dedication and hard work.  I hope we will continue to see you around!

Julie, Thanks for everything you've done for our cycling community. I am so glad we met back in 2011 and talked about riding our bikes and all about the Chainlink site. I was hooked. Chainlink has cemented a lifetime love of cycling for so many of us. I look forward to continuing your work. Thank you. 

P.S. I look forward to buying you a latte and talking Chainlink with you in the spring. :-)

Welcome to Yasmeen! And Julie: looking forward to getting together with you and our new little ones. :)

Thank you Julie, for your service to our community, it has been pleasure & an honor to meet & work with you ! I wish you only the best on your next, and most important and meaningful step in life, the raising of a child. All the best ! ♡ Tom A.K.

Thanks for the memories! I can say that I've met some really awesome people and been on some really great rides thanks to this site. 

Julie, I'll never forget the time I was reprimanded for posting pictures from the World Naked Bike ride ;) Change is permanent...

Happy trails to you.

Welcome Yasmeen!

Thanks Julie & welcome Yasmeen!

When I started riding my bike to commute about four years ago, I had not ridden since I was a child and searched for on-line help on all things bicycling.  Finding the Chainlink, Julie, and all of the helpful folks played a large part in turning me into a cycling addict.  Thank you Julie, and I look forward to Yasmeen's leadership to continue to support my habit.

Thanks for everything Julie! 

Warm welcome for Yasmeen!


I've only been a lurker, but have found the info here and in the emails priceless.  I also met you a time or two over the summer with my kids.  You were so super sweet to them that I can't wait to see you on some family rides soon!


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