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Write your caption for one of these photos and win, um...accolades on this thread!

I know many of you also saw this entertaining sight on your afternoon commute.  Never a dull moment on the Lakefront Trail. 



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#1.  WTF?

#2.  WTF?

Yes, and I'm still shaking the sand out of my shoes after the unexpected cyclocross detour.

All Terrain Delivery Truck Experiment Hits Rough Patch

New Drug/Guns and "Guest Workers" Smuggling Route Discovered

Driver: This isn't the exit to Lake Michigan?!



"Box truck last seen near Porter, Indiana, washes up on Chicago beach"


That middle dude in the first picture is so boss. Walking in the sand with his bike slung over his shoulder giving 0 fvcks.

I regret every time I was too lazy to stop to take a picture of similar accidents on the LFT! One was almost exactly like this, another—one of those big things that plow sand on the beaches driven into the lake.

Serge -  Time to get out that camera, get captions here and make a calendar!

Camera is always with me. As well as laziness :-)

No, Dude, no worries.  We ain't gonna be late.  We've never missed a delivery. I know a route where the only traffic is a coupla bikes.  Hold on....ah crap dude, the wheels aren't moving. You may have to get out and push...



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