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Rank how visible these cyclists are to motorists at intersections, from most to least visible. Post your answers and we'll reveal the correct answer at the end of the day.

Test your full knowledge at

From the League of Illinois Bicyclists.
Test your knowledge and learn about relevant laws and skills - for both bicyclists and motorists.

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On a whim I'd say 2,1,3,4.


Julie Hochstadter said:

On a whim I'd say 2,1,3,4.


David Barish said:


Julie Hochstadter said:

On a whim I'd say 2,1,3,4.


I promise no spoiler here, but I just took the quiz (Bronze Level) at the League of Illinois Bicyclists and got 100%. I had to think about a few questions, it may surprise you here and there.

2 should be in the middle of the lane.  4 should be on the other side of the road in the middle of the lane, 1 and 3 should be on the road with 2 and 4.

Nice that they let you take it a few more times.

I got to the first question and got annoyed.

I chose this answer: "Cyclists have neither the same rights nor rules as motorists, but they are allowed to bike on roads." The quiz claimed this was incorrect; the explanation was: "Incorrect.  On-road bicyclists have all the rights  and are subject to all the laws applicable to motorists, with certain exceptions."

Obviously, if there are exceptions, cyclists do not, in fact, have "all the rights" and are not "subject to all the laws" applicable to motorists. That is what the word "all" means. (And I would argue that are enough differences to constitute, not merely exceptions, but a substantially different regulatory regime. But that's a topic for another post.)

The correct answer is actually 2,1,4,3.

Where are motorists looking and expecting traffic when turning at an intersection? The diagram illustrates where turning motorists naturally look. 4 is slightly more visible than 3 because it's on the road versus the trail/sidewalk.



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