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Calling all fixed gear ladies who want to race on the streets of Chicago...

Ladies, do you love riding your fixed gear?  Next Sunday, July 26th, will be the Fyxation Open Fixed Gear Street Crit downtown near Intelligentsia at 1850 W. Fulton @ 3:50pm.

This is your chance to race for cash prizes.  At least 10 women are needed to pre-register by Friday, July 24th for a women specific race to occur.  We need your support!

Check out all the details on bike requirements, prizes, and see who's currently registered at the links below.  Note the registration page has mixed men and women listed but the women will race separately if at least 10 women register.

Bikes must be inspected 60 minutes before race time 

Click View Registrations and Race Predictor

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I want to point out that this is a sanctioned race with insurance that takes place on a wide closed course- about as safe as it gets.

I'm glad the women have their own race this year without the boys messing up the game!

9 registered so far...

They have ten women and I believe more will be registering this week. It's going to be a great race! :-)

Thanks for posting this! The Fyxation Open is awesome, very happy to see the ladies included this year. 

I got Chicago Bike Flag tshirts for all Chicago riders racing in the SRAM Chicago Criterium, including the Fyxation Open. If you race, stop by the Illinois Bicycle Law tent right next to the race and grab a shirt and say hi. 

We will have tons of Chicago Bike Flag swag for everyone. 

Very cool design!  I love that!  And a really sweet perk. 

Just as an additional note - anyone can register for a 'day of' license and enter the race.  You dont need to have a full year racing license or be on a team.  

Women now have their own race, scheduled time slot and registration for the fixed gear crit

Enjoy the whole day:


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