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Haven't been here in awhile and see that we're mum on this subject.

This past week has been crazy but change is uncomfortable and change is needed. As cyclists we stand to benefit from increased police accountability, I'd like to think we support the BLM movement. I do.

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Bobbert said: "I want to be a part of the conversation but don't want to have to do any work or learn anything."

For real bro, how tf are you even alive and part of this earth and don't know the names Tair, Laquan, and Aiyana in regards to COPS MURDERING KIDS.

Do the goddamn reading because it is not the job of those of us who WATCH THE F'N NEWS TO KEEP YOU UP TO DATE.

Robert wrote: "rambling obsolete racist grandpa bullshit."

What has happened to make you a horrible person? I haven't seen you not be a jerk.

Who edited this?

I'd prefer y'all just delete stuff.

Doug, I don't edit. I rarely delete. Didn't touch your posts and have no idea why you ask that. Geez, pile on...

This was an interesting  thread last  week when Curtis and Keto Guy were discussing statements  purported to be from  BLM supporting the  recent looting as reparations. Both seemed  to  come from a point of support for BLM the concept  but  it was  unclear whether they agreed  on  support for  BLM as an  organization. Although both have often expressed strong feelings here, they both kept  restraint and I was  enjoying reading  their responses to  each other. Then Bob asked a naive  question with a clear typo of  a name and forgetting about  two  more remote police murders that show the longstanding nature of the problem at hand, and  got dumped upon. Glad to know  we are  all feeling it because those feelings are called for but when  those feelings come out like a double  edged sword we can cut  our fellow cyclists  with  so-called  friendly fire. Let's discuss and  even  argue...about this thread and  not  the  short comings real or  imagined or misdeeds or riding  skills of the  contributors.

That ain't 'my fellow cyclist' because the world is more complex than that.

Those shootings are not remote or obscure unless you live a delightfully sheltered life where you just don't pay attention to things that are difficult.

A very real part of the problem is being nice to people like Bob who want to not pay attention and have no real skin in the game because of their inherent privilege but DEMAND to be a part of the conversation get treated with kid gloves.

Bob should feel bad about how he acts.

Really anyone who posts 'all lives matter' as a response to 'black lives matter' pmuch deserves whatever they get at this point because if at this point they do not understand what BLM means they obviously are choosing to follow a narrative that fits their reality.

This. To start, it is not my job to research racism and violence towards children. I am a WOC and if you want to criticize me for what you think is "overreacting," read this first. The two people I directed my comments to have had a long-standing consistency of opinions and POV that led me to say what I said. I do not need to defend it and tbh, am generally disappointed with the knee-jerk reactions to defend them and remain silent when they marginalize me by talking about me in third person, refusing to directly address me, and ALWAYS getting my name wrong. No, it isn't a "typo". Take the time to get it right. I am a human being. 

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