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I wanted to try to make the case for bringing bikes into the office building I work in addition to my organizations space. Has anyone every successfully lobbied for this? If so, how did you make the case?

Disclosure that I searched the forum for this topic. If there was a previous discussion on this, I apologize for missing it in the search.

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Did you ride in a bike lane there?

Matt, when I set up a bike room for a large employer, a major part of the case for doing so was the reduction in the need for parking spaces and diminished car traffic, so as to leave that capacity for customers.  Easy decision, though not every company has that need. 

People reluctant to give up their parking spaces had their spots "reserved" should they want them back in the winter months so as to encourage people to do so.  We did not have bike lanes, but had "walk your bike zones" for safety reasons because of both car and pedestrian areas.  Anybody caught riding in them would give up both their car parking and bike locker room privileges. 

My trick (see picture) is not telling anyone. I just wheel it into my office. First I asked the security guard who says he didn't mind. However, if I made a formal request, I could be struck with various red tape. But I am sure this won't work in many other people's buildings.

An old adage: It is easier to obtain forgiveness than permission.

Some places don't like the marks that tires can accidentally put on doors and elevator walls so we just have to be careful to damage something.  There are bigger problems I think but the better we do with not banging up walls the more it fits in with a new normal. 

When I worked at the Camping World HQ in Lincolnshire, I'd bring my bike in and put it in Marcus' green room. I only moved it out of there if he was going to be recording, then I'd leave it in the server room. 

At GGA, I had access to the garage. Garage's walls are lined up with bike wheel hooks. Handy.

Where I am at now, I am allowed to bring the bike in to the basement and leave it in a storage closet. 


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