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I got a rude shock when I returned to my bike at the 95th St. Metra station after work yesterday. The bike was perfectly fine when I left it in the morning. When I unlocked it from the rack at the end of the day, the front tire was flat.

An almost-new Schwalbe Marathon Plus had been sliced along the sidewall.  This wasn't in a spot when somebody could casually poke it in passing.  Whoever did this had to reach into semi-inaccessible spot to do it.  I'm thinking evil thoughts about the guys who were there all day doing platform construction, but I don't know if those thoughts are justified. I will be talking to the supervisor at the job site to ask if he or his guys saw anything.

Now I'm waiting for a new tire and my sport utility beast is out of commission for the week. How many of you have experienced non-theft vandalism incidents while your bike was parked for the day?

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Ugh, that's pretty awful. I imagine this type of damage is probably a teenager thinking it's funny. Either way, disturbing. Really sorry to hear.

Do they have security cameras there?  Whoever did this is a complete jerk.  Plus, that's a really nice tire.

Sometimes people put garbage in my milk crate.

Some Schwalbe tyres are suspected to be prone to sidewall failure. Are you certain it was sliced? If it was, that wouldn't surprise me much, though. Some people can be true jerks, but it sounds like a lot of effort was required.

It was a clean slice.

This happened once in my old building. Bike room of 30+ bikes, of varying cost, and someone took a box cutter to every tire. Had to have been an inside job, since none of the bikes were missing, but... why?!
I ran into someone at Kozy's in River North a few weeks ago after work whose tire was pierced in the side with a blade. He said all the bikes on the rack he was parked at had flats when he got there.

That's awful. 
Thankfully I've never experienced that, and I'm sorry it happened to you. 


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