So I am looking to see what the masses say.  

When wearing bike shorts do you wear them as I feel they were intended, Commando, you feel the need to wear underwear in addition to your wicking, breathable and cushioned bike shorts?

I have a friend who ingrained in me long ago how wearing underwear with bike shorts was a moral travesty and something one should never engage in.  I thought this was the consensus among most if not all cyclists.  

Is this not the case?

How do you wear bike shorts - with or without additional undergarments?

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Am I the only one who loathes wearing cycling 'clothes'?

I would much rather be in jeans, street shoes and a t-shirt any day over specialized gear thats uncomfortable and awkward.  Im just a hater of riding like I am at a spin class though so I am very biased in this discussion. 

The only time I will wear gear is when I am doing long distances in hot weather and know I will be a sweaty mess so hence value the wicking power of lycra.

Strava Strava Strava!

You're not alone, but I've never liked biking in jeans; they're too heavy. I time my distance rides for the spring and fall so it's not too hot or sunny and can get away with wool or cotton. Something in me makes synthetics smell terrible, especially on multi-day rides.

Padding on the seat rather than in the pants helps, too.

Then why bother ask the question? The hatred in this thread is astounding. Well, not for a Chainlink forum thread...

FWIW, lycra cycling shorts are meant to be worn without an inner layer. 

Also, I hate bibs, most uncomfortable things ever, if one has a long torso like me, but i like lycra bike clothes but not everyone needs to wear them.

I have issues with everyone - Im a misanthrope.....:P

When I see you in Iowa and you buy me a beer, I'll call you Lakefront Lance in a cheerful tone no less.

I used to avoid wearing a kit. And then I did longer rides, got caught in the cold, and had less than comfortable experiences. Slowly I started collecting more pieces - kits, jackets, gloves, shoes, sandals, etc. 

There are times I will spend time on a bike around town, commuting etc. when I want to be more casual so I wear my cycling-specific clothes (or a skirt with bike shorts hidden) that look "normal". I don't think there is a shame or negative to either - I just want to be comfortable and if I am going to do a training ride or a longer ride, I feel most comfortable in a kit. Yeah, I would probably look better wearing jeans but it wouldn't feel as nice. 

In the last few years, there has been a lot more options for stylish cycling clothing for women (that isn't pink or covered in flowers and butterflies). I like REI, Twin Six, and Rapha. Yes, some of it is more expensive but since I spend a fair amount of time on a bike, I feel it's worth the investment.

Sticks and stones

like a MAMIL.

Golf Shorts

bike short commando under "modesty" shorts- regular shorts with pockets.

complimented with strategic amounts of bag balm and gold bond.

one word "Bibs", most comfortable cycling bottom every!

Completely agree. So comfortable!

+1. Find a good brand of bibs that fit just right and buy several pairs. And, as if this should be a question, commando. I don't even know how one could comfortably wear a pair of cotton boxer briefs (because you better not be a brief guy) under bibs. Mine fit, there's no wiggle room (actually wish my boxer briefs fit that well, because they tend to get loose and ride up).


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