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Which bike shops should I visit during a trip to Minneapolis/St. Paul?



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Penn has several shops in the twin cities area (

I like Hiawatha Cyclery.

Downtown, good coffee and food.  The start, end or after party of most alleycats in town.  Basement filled with thousands of old bikes and parts.  A must see.  I've been to a bunch of bike shops in SF, Portland, NYC and Chicago and One on One is unique.

Only a couple years old but becoming a fixture.  Really good coffee and a great selection of everything else.  Next door to a bar named Buster's with outdoor seating and a great beer selection.

Hub is pretty cool.  The Minnehaha location is bigger plus has used stuff.  It's also next to Harriet brewing which gives free beer on the weekends and sells growelers of great beer.  Penn is decent but really not much different from a lot of shops in Chicago like Johnny Sprockets.

Make sure to bike the Greenway and get off on Nicollet and eat Vietnamese food.  Probably the one cuisine Minneapolis bests Chicago. You can't go wrong with Quang or Pho 79.   

One of my favorite shops from a recent trip to Frostbike at QBP was Trailhead Cycling.  They had a super test track, pretty interesting merchandising, and super friendly staff that reminded me of my crew when I was the GM of Young's Bicycle Shop on Nantucket Island for a bunch of years. I also liked how many fatbikes Trailhead floored too.  Worth a visit on your trip!



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