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I know this comes up about once a year for specific locations...I've looked through those and didn't find what I was looking for. 

Specifically, I'll be starting a new position near Monroe & Wells. If there is any secure bike parking that anyone knows about, I'd love to hear about it. If there's some that's not necessarily secure, but not on the street, go ahead and mention that. 

I'll ask the building when I am there, but just wanted to ride on my first day rather than take the train. Thanks!

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Interested in this as well. The CTA has sheltered/indoor bike parking at a few stations. I'm not that familiar with the bike parking at the stations in the loop, but their website lists Washington/Wells, Harold Washington Library, and the Monroe Red Line as all having bike parking. (I commute via train through two of those regularly and have never noticed it before...)

I'm assuming you're familiar with the McDonald's cycle center at the North end of Millennium Park? It's a bit of a hike from Monroe/Wells, but if you have a long ride and really want secured parking it might be an option. You could always park your ride there and grab a Divvy through the loop to your office.

It's possible that some of the parking garages have indoor racks. I've seen this in other areas (like downtown Evanston), but I've never paid attention to what's in the loop garages. Probably nothing since they're all privately owned, but it might be worth looking into. 

Yeah there are definitely a few garages on that block. If I get people that don't know or are unsure, I'll check those out. I'll probably check those eventually. I bet I can find somewhere to lock up to in one of the garages. 

I've seen too many bikes missing things at CTA stations, even confronted someone at a metra station a few years ago. If the roads are not as sloppy, maybe I'll ride the brompton in and just sneak it under my desk. I know I can get a $4 rubber mat for it to sit on, but going through a lobby with a bicycle dripping muddy ice/salt slurry could make for a bad first impression.

It seems to me like it would be worth not riding on the very first day. You can find out all you need to on the first day, and then ride on the second day. :)

Passing on the ride in tomorrow. I was riding tonight, picking up some things from the store and my bike shot out from under me on some black ice. Should have rode the ICT. Thankfully it was in a parking lot.

Check out the racks just East of 181 W. Madison, between the buildings by the Peets.  I don't park there since my bldg has indoor parking, but it is pretty safe.  And smokers are out there in the area most times of the day. 

That will basically be on the way from the blue line. I'll check it out on the way in.

i certainly hope this photo isnt how you lock your bike up!!!!!

My steed is the beautiful orange one. I have only used the Abus Bordo Granite X 6500(that's a mouthful) on my bicycles for the past six or seven years. It's expensive, but people don't really mess around with it. My Brompton has the Abus Centium, but I don't leave that for extended times unattended.

I happen to randomly park next to people that really have no idea how to lock up. 

"I happen to randomly park next to people that really have no idea how to lock up."

Ah, from the "I don't have to outrun the bear" school of thought...

I'd get a beater and not worry about it..:) 

I'm looking for a beater for some rollers in the basement. Even for bad bikes, this time of year is terrible for selling.

Jaik, I can't help with the parking question (I have my own secure parking in the Loop, but it's not public) but your Brompie seems tailor-made to solve this problem! Just pack a Dimpa bag or similar and zip it up when you carry it in on a wet day.


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