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If you haven't yet joined Bike Lane Uprising, it's a must if you ride a bike. Get on it and start sharing info on bike lane offenders!

"... one day in June 2016, when Christina Whitehouse was almost run over by a commercial truck driver while standing in a bike lane waiting for a stoplight, she decided she’d had enough of motorists being oblivious about cyclists’ safety. That experience led her to start Bike Lane Uprising, a crowdsourced civic tech platform intended to make it easy to report bike lane obstructions.

She shared her experience about starting the organization at Tuesday night’s Chi Hack Night, a free weekly event that promotes civic engagement through data, design, and technology. (Streetsblog’s Steven Vance previously helped organize the series.)"

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I really appreciate the work that Christina Whitehouse has put into this effort. I believe the data will be useful and persuasive for DOT's to plan bike infrastructure improvements, plus I find photographing and reporting individuals who block our hard-fought bike infrastructure to be a cathartic experience. 

I also believe that (in some cases) the sight of someone stopping and photographing this behavior will make people more aware that what they're doing is illegal, and may make them think twice about doing it in the future. 

Everyone who rides in our city should be on this website, reporting violations. The only way this behavior will change is through community pressure. 

I just submitted my 600th report to BLU. The reports include over 450 reports on Franklin St. alone, and yet I've never seen a Finance Dept. patrol on Franklin. I really question what the city is doing with the data.

Don't forget to submit to 311 if it is a city licensed vehicle - taxi, livery vehicle, even rideshare.  They will actually pursue and ticket since it's an easy way for them to get revenue.

I submitted a livery vehicle to 311 once and I submitted a written affadavit then testified over the phone.  Driver got a ticket, fine, and had to take a class.

I submitted an Uber driver next time - got a letter saying "it has been marked against this driver's record."  Not sure what that means but made me feel like something happened...

Hit em in the pocketbook!  That's what really gets em mad :)

Yes, I submit every report to 311, in addition to BLU. I've added over 100 reports since late October.

I'm now pushing close to 1000 311 reports. I'm a little surprised I've never been contacted by the city. A good percentage of reports are taxis and livery services.

Yeah Argonne has been championing this issue. Thanks for what you do Argonne.

Sigh. I feel like I'm tilting at windmills most days. 23 reports submitted today. F*cking crazy.

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We were invited to be apart of Chicago Ideas 77 project.  We sat down to discuss the life-changing moment that inspired Bike Lane Uprising, how we brought the movement to life, and where we hope to see it go in the future. 

Chicago Ideas is a movement built on one core belief: When a broad spectrum of thinkers and instigators share ideas, we have the power to transform our world.

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