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John posted about this on The Chainlink earlier. He wrote a post today that wraps up the whole CNC-New York Times-inaccurate/misleading story debacle. 

John’s letter to CNC about getting the facts straight about the cit...


CDOT and its consultant Sam Schwartz engineering will be holding a minimum of 6 public meetings. Please attend them. Let's get Bikeway 2.0 in the hands of Chicago cyclists. 



Photo is of a mural at Blackstone Bicycle Works. 

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While the inaccurate info in the CNC article was unfortunate, the silver lining is that the piece sparked a discussion about making sure the mayor's bike plan is implemented equitably in the future, with low-income neighborhoods getting their fair share of protected bike lanes and bike share kiosks. The fact is, the South Side hasn't gotten a comparable density of (non-protected) bike lanes as the North Side over the last decade or so, and it's time for that to change.
I agree about that silver lining.


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