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Bicyclist says cop opened door in her path, files lawsuit

Heard this on the news last night, news item is here: Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

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Will V. said:

Good attorneys don't necessarily make good writers, or proofreaders.

But in a complex business like law, attention to details inspires confidence. Lack of attention to something so noticable stands out. So sue me. The attorney stands to make money off this accident. He should at least be a good writer if he's posting about it.

You do realize it was a simple typographical error? I fixed it. Let's move on.

I almost got doored by a cop too. It is ridiculous. Good luck in your lawsuit!

Can you blame them? All the people on bicycles make it really hard to serve the motoring public sometimes.

Jason said:

I almost got doored by a cop too. It is ridiculous. Good luck in your lawsuit!

for the win!

Gene Tenner said:

Proofread is one word.

notoriousDUG said:

I would be more impressed by your law firm if you proof read your posts first...

Smelling trawls are the worse.  Or is it spelling trolls?  Or worst?

I hope that your client is able to return to a good quality of life.  My wish is that appropriate medical treatment and thorough healing will get her to a point where she doesn't have daily pain or activity limitations due to her injuries.  

As I cyclist, I typically feel very powerless where the law is concerned.  Thanks for taking on these types of cases Mike. 

Nice, Mike.  Go get 'em!

Mike Keating said:

I filed the lawsuit yesterday in the Circuit Court of Cook County - Law Division. Here's a link to the posts on it at I look forward to prosecuting this case to the fullest extent of the law. Taylor Street at that point has a dedicated bike lane and is a common route for bicyclists at UIC and the medical district. The fact that it was a cop (who we believe to be a sergeant) who doored the bicyclist makes this particularly egregious.

With all due respect, Mike Keating is an attorney who is getting paid to sue the City on this case.  He also comes to this forum to market his business.


Nothing wrong with any of that, but I don't understand all the high fives.  No doubt he will win a large settlement from the tax payers of the City of Chicago, and he will get one quarter to one third of that money for doing his business.



I gave Mike a "high five" because of my experience with the cops in this city.  They park in bike lanes, they ride bikes on sidewalks, refuse to ticket others parked in bike lanes and cut cyclists off constantly.  What do you do in situations like this?  Call the cops on another cop?

So when a lawsuit like this is filed, I feel like some justice will be served (hopefully).  As one of Chicago's finest told me last week - "We are the police.  We trump everything.  Always."

Also, I think it's pretty petty to play grammar police instead of focusing on the real issue.

I just wish they wouldn't run red lights so often.  It sets a bad example.


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