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Angela Park, 39 y.o. Female Bicyclist Killed by Truck Driver Turning Right in Greektown

From WGN...

CHICAGO — A bicyclist is in critical condition after being hit and pinned under a truck Thursday morning.

It happened at Madison and Halsted in the city’s Greektown neighborhood. The bicyclist was transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Eastbound Madison is closed from Halsted to the Kennedy Expressway. Westbound Madison is closed from Des Plaines to Halsted.


So sorry to say the 39 y.o. female cyclist died. The truck driver was making a right turn (right hook). Our thoughts are with the cyclist's family and friends.

UPDATE 8/10:
Bicyclist has been identified as Angela Park. Our thoughts are with her loved ones. Rest in peace.

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Hard not to be angry as the slow trickle of news comes out. 

1. Likely a right hook. Did the driver use a turn signal? Some are saying people had to run the driver down because they were completely oblivious to the fact a cyclist was trapped under the vehicle.

2. No sideguards on the truck despite the fact the truck is HUGE. Shouldn't be based on revenue but on truck size.

3. Need to confirm but we are hearing the truck driver got a $200 fine.

4. Media like this report use the word "accident" and say "truck" instead of truck driver. This is all passive language acting like the driver was some how removed from their actions, lacking responsibility.

Like I said, this all makes me very angry. A 39 y.o. was lost today because she rode her bike to work. Her loved ones have lost her. Drive a truck is what this driver does for a living. How are they not responsible for their actions? Not really. $200 fine? Accident? ARGH!! 

$200 fine? OMG!

This sucks!

This has been on my mind all day today. 

FYI - It takes a while (typically weeks) for CPD's Major Accidents team to do a thorough investigation into all factors in a fatal crash like this one. Additional charges may be filed at a later date. 

It seems a bit extreme to suggest it wasn’t an accident. Isn’t an accident by definition an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally? Do you really think the truck driver did it on purpose? I passed by about an hour after it happened and have felt sick about it all day. This is a tragic accident for all involved, the cyclist and the truck driver and their loved ones. Of course all safety precautions should be observed but this was a horrible intersection even before all the construction. It’s terrible what happened and hopefully more will be done to keep everyone safe.

I am not sure that anyone has implied malevolence on the part of the truck driver. If you are referring to Anne's post regarding "additional charges," such may be involuntary manslaughter.

I was replying to the comment that it wasn’t an accident. “4. Media like this report use the word "accident" and say "truck" instead of truck driver. This is all passive language acting like the driver was some how removed from their actions, lacking responsibility. Accident???Argh!!??”

 I’m more concerned with Angela and her family but I think it’s important to see all sides and not immediately assume driver was to blame. From all reports Angela was very vigilant about bike safety so she’s not to blame either. That intersection was a shit show even before construction and has since been an accident waiting to happen. It’s a horrible loss and sad that something as simple as sideflaps on truck could have saved her. But it doesn’t sound like reckless driving or road rage were involved. 

I believe the point is a sense of reckless disregard.

The use of the word “accident” favors a bias toward innocence. Until all the facts are in, we don’t know if someone was at fault. It is better to use a neutral term like “crash” which has no implication of intention or it’s absence.

The nightmare on my route to work realized! This has always worried me, trying to squeeze between the construction site and the huge trucks and buses on my way north up on Halsted. So sad.

I feel the same, Juan. NB Halsted starts to get bad just as we lose the buffered lane at Van Buren. As traffic builds & the lane narrows, this is where it's the worst - especially with the construction of 727 W Madison blocking the entire corner. I've gotten so sick of that stretch that I'm taking Clinton more & more this summer.

Don’t squeeze. Take the lane if cars cannot pass you with 3 feet of clearance.

Gotta take the lane. Maybe find a less congested route, if there is one.

That being said, the news team needs to report who was there 1st. Was the cyclist there 1st and the truck right hooked her or was the truck there 1st and the cyclist unaware that the truck was turning, and trying to fit on the right.

Without that information all we get is a bunch of finger pointing, ass hole truck driver stupid cyclist, and nothing changes. Let us know how it happened, who was right and who was wrong, and enforce the laws that are in effect and will punish the wrong doer.

This is a real issue and it needs to be dealt with honestly.


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