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Can I bring my bicycle into Union Station? I've taken my bicycle on Metra Trains before but those were platform stops.  This Saturday I want to take the train out to Aurora but I need to buy a ticket and leave from Union Station.  Can I just carry my bicycle down the stairs and walk it through the Great Hall like I own the place?  Is there so bicycle friendly entrance?

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Alternatively you can use the Western Avenue station.  It might be a little farther but no dealing with navigating Union Station or buying a ticket at the station.

As others here have claimed, I have taken my road bike to Aurora many times and just shouldered my bike down the stairs. If you have a heavier bike, others have suggested alternative entrances. But, yeah, feel free to walk around with your bike! 

It used to be possible to use the auto ramp entrances on Clinton to roll right down to the platforms, completely avoiding the Great Hall and all stairs.


Those entrances are much more "secured" now, so I don't know if that's still an option.

That used to be my preferred entrance, but security concerns have closed it off now so I just use the handicapped entrance right off Clinton.  It's not any harder.

If you're exiting the station you can sometimes get out that way if someone is entering or exiting the door and hold it open for you. 

Hey how did the trip go, dav? Weather was nice on Saturday...

Disappointingly I didn't go to Aurora. Stuff came up and I was restricted to riding about 18 miles around Chicago.

Glad we all took the time to respond! ;)

JK--the great thing about chainlink posts is they can be a reference for others with the same question. Plus, 18 miles isn't bad...



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