Bicycle Magazine: Chicago's Bloomingdale Trail Is the World's Best Bike Path

Not a scientific conclusion, just one person's opinion (a runner no less!).

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I'm sure we can find reasons for or against the 606 but I do feel home town pride when our new bikeways get national recognition. #yaybikes #yaychicagobikes

I just was on it for a small part of my ride to Chainlink Bar Night last week and as always, I do love that we have an option like this with no stop lights and no cars.

Agree that it's a nice east-west option, especially if willing to take it slow when there are lots of people up there.

My problem is remembering to consider it! Somehow it has not made its way into my mental map...I think of it as a fun place to go for a walk but when cycling it rarely occurs to me.

Google maps put me on it as my route. :-) I've ridden on it as a novelty a few times. Mostly, since I don't live very close to it, it's more of a destination for me than a route to something else.

When Armitage was under construction it was heckuva easy to remember to take the 606, since there was little other option. 

I often use it for my ride to and from work, and I appreciate having it!

Its pretty awesome during evening commuter times and weekdays; its well lit & easy grades, with no stop lights/intersections.  But avoid it for biking on weekends when its crowded and clogged with slow pedestrians, dogs on leashes and children unpredictably running or biking across lanes. 

I ride it with my teen son on our rides downtown to Critical Mass or other Daley Plaza events... its a pretty unique experience! Well worth the national recognition.

My biggest criticism: its too short to provide an essential cross town artery. Milwaukee Ave, provides that much better for bike commuters... still 606 is a great model for other cities to be inspired by and emulate!


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