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Are you kidding me?! What are a cyclist's rights in this circumstance?

Riding through loop today, guy jaywalks, so I swerve behind him, figuring 'whatever it's a Monday, at least we wont crash into each other'.

i make no comment, visible display, nothing....

guy stops, hollers at me, takes a few steps toward me, and takes a swing, glancing off my hip with his fist!

now i know the right thing to do is to go on my way, minimal harm, definite foul.

but this qualifies as simple assault right?  

can i go back and break his nose?  what would be legal ramifications?

i'm so angry about this; in five years of cycling to work, thousands of miles, this is a first.  happy f'in monday

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That really sucks. Please don't hit him back. Where are the police when you need them?

Here's to hoping your day gets better!

Don't let him ruin your day. Karma is a bitch and he'll get his eventually.

I had something similar happen to me this morning.  I used a swear word I'm not proud of - but was totally deserved - then went along my way.  Taking the high road means a better image for all cyclists.  Like Mike said, the karma bus will hit him someday.

I'm glad you avoided a collision!

If you feared for your safety and responded immediately, that is text book self defense. However, if you go back and get into it, now you're a vigilante. 

It is an assault and battery, absolutely. 

You should be angry and have every right to be. I'll 3rd that the Karma police will render justice. 

Sorry that happened.  I would have been upset too, but I would have let it go on the basis that life's too short to worry about people like that.  I'll bet his life is plenty miserable.  


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