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Any ladies/folks with similar parts have any recommendations for an Chicago area OBGYN that is an avid cyclist or at least knowledgeable about cyclist related issues?

It's about time for my annual appointment and the thought crossed my mind-- it would be wonderful to talk to someone in healthcare about issues specifically related to cycling as they affect the more delicate parts of the anatomy. My past experience is if encountering issues cycling, doctors will just tell you to ride less which doesn't work for me.

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I'm not aware of any, so I'll be curious to track this convo. That aside, are you actually having issues? I've seen some misinformation about women being more prone to problems because of our anatomy. Saddles, shorts, proper bike fit can all help resolve sore bits.

Luckily, over the past years I've managed to cure most of my issues on my own through trial and error in combination with extensive google searches. I was just reflecting on how much easier it could have been if I had access to someone formally educated in the field and also intimately acquainted in, er, my field in particular.

Thanks for checking in!

I cross-posted this to a local Facebook group for women, "Rowdy Tuff Girls" and received this reply:

This is a really interesting topic and while I am a physician, I am not an OB/GYN so my insights would largely be anecdotal. However, British Cycling, in their belief that all things matter in terms of marginal gains, have spent some time on this. I have not looked into it more than reading various articles, but some of their findings may be available, if you dig a little.

- Val Brostrom

Hey, thanks for finding that article. I think this topic and discussion is more of a women-specific conversation. Let's keep this to a women-only post. Thanks for understanding.

Well put. I'd also like to say thanks for that article.

It was appropriate. Yasmeen saw fit to delete to my response in this thread. 

Ok Joe, I will explain further. I wrote you a private message to respect your privacy in this matter but you seem to want to talk in the open forum so I will.

Unless you have a medical degree, specializing in OBGYN, most women don't feel comfortable discussing our women-specific medical questions or concerns with you. As I mentioned in the message to you, if you want to post to discuss men's issues with saddle, comfort, men-specific medical questions or concerns, please establish a new thread. 

It is important to have The Chainlink be a place where people, women specifically in this case, feel comfortable and safe to discuss topics and concerns on the site. Calling a woman "sexist" for asking respectfully to keep this a women-only post is not respectful and breaks the participation rules

The Chainlink is committed to making the site a safe place to talk about issues. Again, this is a women-specific topic. If you want to talk about a men-specific topic, you are welcome to open a new forum thread. 

Thank you, Yasmeen.  Guys, we appreciate the good intentions. Hope you will respect what Yasmeen said here.

Thank you Yasmeen for your words, those were exactly my thoughts as well.



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