I'm so tired of buses and other diesel vehicles driving past, leaving a trail of lead and other nasty-smelling things. Has anyone tried any air pollution masks? Can anyone recommend/disrecommend any?

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A few years ago I was a click away from submitting the same discussion question after getting dizzy from holding my breath for a short time (I still do it) when waiting behind the older buses or trucks. I didn't submit it cuz I guess some people would think that it's too weird. Cyclists do wear masks regularly in some European and Asian countries. Now that it's winter! here I find my scarf filters away some polllution. I don't have to commute on high-volume streets as much during the daytime anymore (2nd and 3rd shift benefits) and when I do I use  the chill side streets.  Try one and filter away the crud, maybe you'll start a trend. Just don't forget to take it off after you lockup outside a bank or a store.  :-)

I have seen people do it, albeit rarely. You wouldn't be alone.

It's much more common in Japan. I hope the idea catches on here, as well. We need to see Kayne West or some other pop star wearing these things in public. It would do wonders for our commander in sleeze, especially the deluxe leather model that muffles your voice very effectively, in addition to being very stylish. You can even get them embossed and really express yourself. Make silence great again!

For this reason I always ride with a "buff" around my neck and pull it up over my mouth and nose when needed. Not as effective as a purpose-built mask, but also doesn't have to be over my face the whole ride which is nice in non-winter conditions. They're also great for sweat and an impromptu ear/head covering if the ride is colder than expected.

You can get a multipack on amazon for pretty cheap:


Buffs are just awesome. Everyone should use one.  I knit mine, and they are pretty easy to make too if you want to get your craft on.

I remember some people were giving them away years ago at Bike Winter events -- we still use one we got from there!  Amazing for the days when your ears are suddenly cold and you don't have a backup plan.


Good thing we are not in China because they need more than just MASKS.

Thanks for this link. I think I will do the same!

I was really inspired, so I just put this together. Feel free to print and distribute! Let me know if you need a different format and/or putting it on here doesn't work.

I have never used them.  But your question prompted me to buy some and give it a try.  In addition to protecting my lungs, I think it might send a good message to drivers.

I'd be interested in hearing the pros and cons of the varieties you try!


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